Mosquito Season: 5 Ways To Avoid Pesky Bites At Home 

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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With spring comes warmer weather and the promise of summer, but it also signals the beginning of the dreaded mosquito season. Anyone living in areas with high populations of mosquitos knows that it can be a real challenge to enjoy the sunshine without being bitten. However, with the right preventative steps, you can minimize or even eliminate mosquitos around your home, giving you a bite-free spring and summer.  

It is important to understand what attracts mosquitos, what repels them and how you can stop them from getting into the house in the first place. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of mosquitos without having to spend the summer hiding under a mosquito net.  

Remove Any Standing Water 

It is crucial for anyone who lives in an area likely to be affected by mosquitos to check their properties for standing water, which mosquitos are attracted to. Mosquitos also breed in standing water, meaning the more standing water around, the more mosquitos you’ll encounter. Standing water sources often include things like bird baths, blocked gutters, buckets and gazebo roofs. Because the mosquito season can be very long – stretching between spring and fall – it is important to clear out any standing water on your property regularly.  

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Install Screen Doors 

Screen doors are common in places in America that experience a lot of mosquitos, so if you haven’t already invested in some for your property, now is the time. Screen doors and screens on windows are fine mesh coverings that allow you to keep windows and doors open to let in the breeze while keeping insects out.  

Hire A Pest Removal Company 

If you’re really struggling with mosquitos and think you might have an infestation outside your home, it may help to call in a professional pest removal company. A quality mosquito control company like ABC Home & Commercial Services can help you deal with the problem effectively. They can use their expert knowledge and understanding of mosquitos and their habits to ensure that the number of mosquitos on your property are minimal.  

Cover Up 

It might not be what you want to do during the hot summer months, but one of the best ways to avoid mosquito bites at home and elsewhere is to cover up. The less exposed skin, the lower the chances of mosquito bites, so consider wearing light, breathable clothes that cover as much as possible.  

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Use A Quality Insect Repellent 

Using insect repellent is a great way to protect yourself and your home from mosquito intruders. Look for a repellent that specifically discourages biting insects, including ones with the active ingredient DEET. DEET works by making it hard for biting insects, including mosquitos, to smell people, making it an excellent additional layer of protection at home.  


Mosquito season can be difficult to live with, so being prepared and taking the right steps to prevent and remove mosquitos from your home is invaluable. You should assess your home to ensure you don’t have anything that will attract the pests, such as standing water. You should then use a combination of practical household adjustments and lifestyle changes until you find the combination that keeps you bite-free.

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