The Festive Season Is About Much More Than A Tree

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Creating unforgettable experiences and family moments for your friends and loved ones is to be treasured. 

By starting your Christmas preparations early, you can enjoy the process a lot more and think about the ideal combinations for making your home look perfect. Getting your preparation done ahead of time also enables you to relax a little more and take in the festive vibe – all without the stress of chasing your own tail as the big day gets closer!

This article guides you through some tips on making your home look special this Christmas, and how to reduce your personal stress levels at the same time.

Creating an impact

Festive decorations are all about creating something special that you do not see at any other time of year. You can transform your house with some of the simplest, nicely coordinated decorations.

You can create a mini journey within your home, starting outside with external lights and Christmas decorations. Then from the front door, through the hallway and then into the rest of the house. For the most striking, effective results you can use a consistent theme across all your decorations to give a stylish, modern vibe. 

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In short, without breaking the bank, you can transform your home into a beautiful festive grotto that your family and visitors will all love. 

Build everything around your tree

Everyone knows the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of all things festive. This means you should decide on your tree, and then plan everything else back from there. 

Your choices are the traditional real Christmas pine tree, through to modern synthetic versions. You can even get these in colors such as white or silver to add a different touch. Some trees also come with LED lights inbuilt to save using separate lights. This can also be a safer option if you have children or pets that may mistakenly pull them off.

Be creative with your décor – very creative!

You can create your own Christmas decorations with almost anything in your home or garden. Some metallic or bright colors can be applied to almost anything to create a festive effect. This includes twigs, holly leaves, berries, nuts or even pebbles!

You can also display sweets and snacks in a different way to be enjoyed either by the eye or by the mouth! Baked goods such as pastries or cakes can also make for a great table centerpiece – and talking point. 

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You can also use your existing décor to produce superb results with your Christmas imagination! Some finishing touches to the fireplace are an easy place to start, but you can also brighten up light fittings, pictures, pianos, and even sofas with a few subtle touches here and there. 

The bathroom can often go overlooked at Christmas, but this is a pity! You spend time in the bathroom every day, so why miss the festive spirit there? With a few simple touches such as festive scented soaps or bath pearls, or festive colored towels, you will be all set. If you enjoy a nice long bath, a mini Christmas tree may also be in order to bring out the festive side of your bathroom!

Choosing your focal points

The Christmas tree, fireplace and table are often the default focal points of a Christmas celebration. Depending on the layout of your home, you can organize your room to emphasize these features at Christmas time.

Consider moving a sofa to accommodate the tree, or even create more space by moving a sideboard or cupboard out of the room altogether during December. The more the family focuses on the tree, the more you will feel connected by it. 

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Enjoy – and prep early!

As the actual Christmas holidays creep closer, the stress levels tend to rise. This is a pity, because by some simple planning in advance you can avoid a lot of the stress of the holidays and focus on enjoying them. 

You will also have more time to focus on deciding the decorative theme of your house, and perhaps get some better bargains for making it look beautiful. You can also unleash your creative self by making some decorations at home to save a few more valuable dollars!

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