Reasons to Choose Hardwood: The Veneto Collection

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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As prices for homes continue to climb, homeowners are looking for ways to increase their value. As a result, Remodels and upgrades are becoming more common. And as the pandemic winds down and people resume their everyday lives; they are taking more time looking to purchase a new home. 

One of the things they are looking for is those homes with the added luxury they haven’t had. One of the most popular updates that add a significant value to a home is a luxury floor. One of the most popular choices that are trendy and have lasting classic appeal is the Veneto collection

What is the Veneto Collection?

Veneto hardwood is flooring that is made in Italy. It’s a luxury hardwood flooring where they are crafted with water varnishes or natural oils. The flooring is made from trees that come out of forests that are managed to help keep the environment healthy. This type of flooring comes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and tones. Still, it is considered among the highest quality wood flooring. 

Hardwood Flooring to Add to the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

Upgrading a home is absolutely about aesthetics as well as being about quality. That’s why homeowners are often drawn to hardwood floors like the Veneto collection. 

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Hardwood flooring can make the entire home feel more luxurious, and in the right tones, it can add a feeling of hominess and warmth to the overall room. 

Often after switching to hardwood floors, you will notice that the home feels bigger. This is particularly true when changing from something like carpet or a patterned tile. Part of this is because hardwood floors have lots of subtle lines, helping to open up the feel of the space. 

High-Quality Hardwood has Longevity

When working on an update or remodel, it’s essential to consider how long that feature will last. Some things like wall paint are easy to change and updates over the years, while others, like hardwood flooring, are a reasonably extensive undertaking.

So, though you may end up spending more upfront on quality hardwood for your home, you’re investing in the product’s longevity. 

Hardwood floors have been known to last through multiple generations when treated with the proper care. 

Care and Cleaning

Though hardwood flooring does take specific types of care, it is fundamentally not a high maintenance update to your home. Instead, most homeowners find that hardwood floors are significantly more straightforward to clean and keep clean than some cheaper alternatives. 

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Carpets, for example, tend to gather dust, dirt, hair, and dander from pets. Whereas with hardwood flooring, it’s simple to stay on top of all these things by simply sweeping regularly. 

Hardwood can stain; however, it’s significantly more resilient to stains than even carpet that has been treated. When you spill something on hardwood, you only have to clean it up, whereas, with carpets, you end up having to wipe it up, soak it up, get cleaner and soak the area of the spill, and then you have to mop up the cleaner. 

Increasing the Resale Value of Your Home

Another critical factor for most remodeling projects is the resale value it will add to the home. Most homeowners these days do not want carpets. Especially carpets that have already been installed in a house with other owners. Even after a deep cleaning, they aren’t as drawn to a home with used carpets. 

Hardwood floors are a popular choice. For some, the carpet issue comes down to the fact that no matter how much you clean it, it will be a problem for anyone with allergies. Those buyers are likely to pay more for a home with hardwood floors because they know they don’t have to worry about the collection of dust and allergens. 

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Overall, the market has spoken on hardwood floors, and they are the most popular choice for homebuyers. 

Hardwood Flooring is Fade Resistant

Lower quality flooring options like vinyl or carpet tend to fade over time, especially in a home with many windows. Regular everyday use can also, over time, make these options fade. Vinyl flooring is especially prone to losing its pattern or color in high traffic areas in the home. 

Hardwood floors are, in general, more resistant to wear and tear. Hardwood floors, especially high-quality varieties like Veneto flooring, will hold on to its color and style much longer than nearly anything else on the market. Hardwood flooring very rarely has to be replaced due to damage. 

Change the Way Your Home Sounds

Many homeowners don’t realize that you’re changing how your home sounds when you change the flooring. Like in a sound studio where the walls have padding, flooring is part of the acoustics inside our homes. 

More often than not, you’ll find anywhere with live music uses hardwood as the dance floor or area around the stage. In part, that’s because of how the flooring alters the way the sound moves around. Hardwood floors can make things sound full and eliminate some of the hollowness of a room. 

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The Veneto Collection of Hardwood Goes with Literally Everything

Hardwood floors are what’s considered neutral in the decorating world. That means that they can go with everything. You can find hardwood floors in a rustic farmhouse-style home and similar flooring in a sleek modern linear designed penthouse. 

For resale, this means that the buyers don’t have to worry about their favorite furniture pieces fitting in with the room. And for those just updating for their enjoyment, it means that if you decide to update your décor after updating the floors, you won’t have to worry about things clashing. 

Overall, the Veneto collection of hardwood flooring comes in various tones and styles but is always made with the highest quality products. As a result, it’s a long-term investment into the resale value of a home. In addition, it’s an investment in the quality of life of the owner. Hardwood flooring might be a bit spendy at first, but it pays off in the long run because it’s designed to last for decades. 

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