How To Maintain Wooden Furniture For A Long Time?

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No matter how modernized the furniture industry has become, wooden furniture has its own vintage charm. People who like to have antique furniture pieces go for wooden furniture without a second thought. The reason is a single wooden piece can attract your guest’s attention. And this is the reason why you must maintain your wooden furniture with extra care and attention.

While it comes to maintaining your wooden furniture pieces, different people will give you different suggestions. And it is easy for you to get confused about what is the correct method. 

Firstly, we want to tell you that there are different ways to maintain your wooden furniture to ensure that it lasts long. And we have enlisted some valuable tips that can help you maintain your furniture better without hassling you much.

Seven Easy Tips To Follow To Maintain Your Wooden Furniture

Dust It Regularly

If you are among those people who like to dust their house once in a blue moon, especially only when guests are visiting, you need to behave a little differently with your wooden pieces. Even a single piece of wooden furniture needs to be dusted well regularly. Remember, a sparkling piece of wooden furniture can change the overall appearance of the entire room. And the right amount of dusting will help you to maintain the sparkle.

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Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust off your furniture. If you can clean your tables, sofas, and other wooden furniture pieces at least once a week, then there is nothing like it.

Don’t Expose It To The Sun.

Sun is probably a common enemy to every skin type. Whether it is your own skin or your furniture, overexposure to sunlight can be harmful to both. If you expose your wooden furniture to the sunlight for prolonged periods, it can result in spots. And bright and dark spots appear all over the furniture.

If your house has much exposure to sunlight, you can use a tablecloth or furniture covers to effectively mitigate the effect of the sunlight.

Be Mindful About The Temperature

Wood is a very sturdy material and can withstand any temperature. But it’s better to avoid using extremely hot or cold objects on wooden furniture if you want to maintain it for an extended period. When we put extremely hot or cold things over wooden furniture, they can leave an impact distorting the original texture of the surface.

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It is better to be mindful of the temperature and ensure that the exposure is limited and not for too long.

Know Its Aging Habits

Some woods lighten with time, whereas the others may darken. While buying wooden furniture, you must know what to expect from the furniture. We are talking about the aging habits of the wood used in making the furniture you are buying. Furniture generally ages gracefully with time, and all you need to do is to let it age. Wooden furniture is like wine, and it might appear with a new character every year.

Keep It Scratch Free

While you need to be sure that your children are not prone to any accident due to the sharp edges of any furniture, you should be very careful about not letting any sharp object too close to your wooden furniture pieces. Even a single scratch on your wooden furniture will not look good.

Oil It Regularly

Oiling your wooden furniture pieces is highly recommended since you will get a shiny vanish after oiling. Additionally, oiling adds a protective layer to the surface of your wooden furniture and rejuvenates its appearance. But make sure to choose the right oil. Learn more about tung oil vs. linseed oil and decide which oil will be excellent for your furniture. Oiling your wooden units once in three months is highly recommended.

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Clean With Warm Water

If your wooden furniture pieces look dirty, you should use mild dish soap and warm water to clean them. Before using wet cloths to clean your furniture pieces, make sure your furniture is dust-free. Don’t soak the fabric for a long time. Else, you will face problems like residual moisture. Well, you can wipe away the residue with our dry cloth later at any point in time.

Hope these are a few good tips that will help you maintain your wooden furniture for a long time. The most significant step to keeping your wooden furniture is to love it. When you show your love to your furniture, it will glow like a rich and new one. Forever. 

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