5 Tips When Choosing A Lease Review Lawyer For Contract Signing

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A lease contract is a legally binding agreement between a tenant and a landlord. It spells out the length of your stay, payment terms, and other inclusions that a landlord deems necessary. It also establishes your right to occupy the property and use it for your personal or business use. 

You may have a fair understanding of what all the clauses mean and find it acceptable, but don’t let your initial impressions sway you into signing just yet. You need a legal professional to take a look at your lease agreement to ensure the terms are favorable to you as a tenant. This is especially true as commercial lease contracts are far more complicated than residential lease agreements. 

Lawyers are often the go-to professionals when it comes to such legal documents. However, it’s best to consult specialized lawyers such as a lease review lawyer. They make sure the terms and conditions conform to laws specific and unique to the state you live in. Lease review lawyers evaluate your landlord-tenant agreement for accuracy, rights of use, and maintenance fees to name a few. 

 When choosing a leasing lawyer to review your tenancy agreement, it pays to consider these suggestions for you to receive better legal aid. Read below to know more about these tips.

Consider Their Proximity

Several lawyers specialize in contract leases but you don’t need to include everyone in your list. When rounding up potential lease review lawyers, choose several names from a local directory or ask your contacts for suggestions. You can also ask other fellow business owners, your local bank, or anyone who has prior experience with such legal services.

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Choosing local professionals works to your advantage since they’re more accessible compared to lease review lawyers from another state. They can help you with immediate concerns and may even accommodate you on short notice. Partnering with a local attorney is also a cost-effective measure since you don’t need to spend twice as much on transportation or communication costs.

Weigh If They Are Accessible

Aside from proximity, you should also consider how you can contact them. Ask them if they prefer in-person meetings, or if a quick phone call or email will suffice.

In the event, they agree to any of these, lay down expectations regarding how soon you should receive a reply. Keep in mind that they handle several cases at once and it’s best to remain patient and courteous in your interactions.

 Check Their Expertise

It’s not enough to find a leasing lawyer that’s near you. In addition, you also need to ensure that they’re experts in reading lease contracts and reviewing them for inconsistencies. Ask about their background in business, commercial real estate, and landlord-tenant law. A knowledge of these practice areas ensures you have the right lawyer for the job. 

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Aside from this, you can also ask if they have extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants. Such perspective allows them to balance tenant concerns and consider the interests of property investors. 

Their website and online reviews can also hint at their lease review skills. Read through their site and check their social media account for feedback about their services. Make sure to check testimonials and include not-so-good reviews as you evaluate attorneys in your list.  

In addition to being experts in business law, lease review experts should also have a wide network of real estate contacts. They leverage these connections to gain insights regarding current real estate market conditions. 

For example, a lease review lawyer knows you’ll be renting a property that is up for sale and new owners might not approve your lease renewal. They can advise you what to do even before you sign the contract.

A Lease Review Lawyer

Inquire About The Services They Offer

While you may be looking for an attorney to merely review your lease contract, it won’t hurt if you inquire what additional services they offer as you might need more than an initial consultation.

Besides scrutinizing the fine print, some lawyers also agree to revise lease agreements. It may take several revisions to create an agreement that’s favorable for you and one that’s amenable to your landlord. In the end, a competent lawyer will be able to create a suitable lease contract for both parties. 

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You can also inquire if lease review lawyers will represent you during the contract signing. Ask if they could sign on your behalf to formally seal the agreement. Others may require you to attend the contract signing and serve as a witness instead. 

In addition to lease contract reviews, revisions, and signing, you can also choose to put them on retainer in case lease disputes arise in the future. It’s best to discuss this option early on to ensure that you get sufficient support from the same legal expert.  

Assess Their Professional Fee

Lawyers not only vary in the services they offer but also in their fees. Some provide an initial consultation for free while others charge upfront. Most charge their clients for succeeding appointments either with an hourly or a flat fee. They can also charge you depending on the size of your lease, as this will determine how much time and effort they’ll need to devote to your case. 

Professional fees are also based on the services they provide. There are different charges for reviewing, revising, and representing clients for contract signing. Lease lawyers may even charge you for negotiating terms and conditions with your future landlord.

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You should also ask if the lease lawyer will personally handle your case or if an associate will take over, as they might have a different hourly rate. They may even charge you for some overhead costs, such as transportation, research, and office supplies. Be sure to ask for a breakdown of these charges so you can fully understand your bill.

Remember that these charges are not set in stone. Most lawyers are willing to negotiate their fees and some may even suggest a fee structure for easier payment. It’s best to discuss fees during your first meeting so you can compare their fees with other potential candidates.

Hire Away

Commercial lease contracts are complex and may contain phrases or conditions that may become pitfalls, especially for first-time tenants. A lease review lawyer can enlighten you with these intricacies. They could also help you gain a solid understanding before you commit to a legally-binding agreement. You can choose a suitable lease review lawyer based on the tips mentioned above. Their expertise is not only crucial before contract signing as they can also provide additional services that protect your rights as a tenant and business owner. 

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