How to prepare your home for winter: Five top tips

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As the colder months start setting in, it’s important to stay warm and cosy at home. Besides servicing and maintaining your heating, there are a few more tricks to keep warm.

In this guide, we’ll cover the external and internal preparations you should make over the next few weeks to keep the heat inside.

Catch that draught

Eliminate any existing draughts. Is there one room in your house that always seems to be colder than the others, even though the radiator seems to be warm and working?

If so, there could be a draught coming from under the cabinets, the skirting, or from an external door. Try using door seals or edging strips as a simple fix for this issue. Sealing strips act as draught excluders and help to keep heat inside, and they’re available in different shaped profiles and made from versatile rubber or plastic.

Of course, you could always opt for a novelty draught excluder for a charming addition to your home décor, but it might not be as effective around windows or external doors.

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Service your boiler

A regular boiler service could prevent you from getting caught out once the temperatures drop. If your boiler is several years old, it might even be worth an upgrade, since modern boilers are likely to be much more efficient and reliable.

As always, if you’re calling out an engineer, make sure they’re properly trained to do the job by checking they’re on the Gas Safe register.

Keep things clear

It’s more important than you’d think to keep your gutters and drains clear of dirt and debris. Over time, sediments and deposits could build up and lead to a blockage, causing a leak, freeze or potentially a backflow. 

Maintaining a healthy flow around your external and internal pipes is critical to keeping your heating healthy – and your home toasty.

Pop a timer on

Using an automatic pre-set timer on your home heating system could be the most energy-efficient way to heat your home. If you and your family follow a routine throughout the working week, it makes sense for your boiler to fire up when hot water will be in high demand – first thing in the morning, and just before bedtime. 

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Perhaps a no-brainer, but insulation is key to staying warm inside. Hiring professionals in spray foam insulation Toronto is a must to make sure your house is properly insulated. Make sure to have your roof and walls insulated in preparation for the winter. In addition to your external wall insulation, it’s worth double-checking that your pipes are in good condition and properly insulated so water won’t freeze underground, potentially causing heating failure.

There’s never a good time for your boiler to break down or your pipes to freeze, so it’s best to stay one step ahead and follow these simple tips.

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