What to expect when you invest in commercial real estate

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Many people ask themselves what is commercial real estate property really about and what can be a proper investment towards such an aspect in the real estate industry. Commercial real estate (CRE) is property that is used only for business-related purposes that can possibly provide a work space rather than a living space unlike a residential real estate. Commercial real estate is usually leased to tenants so that they can conduct their business of choice while you generate income in the process. This would occur in the real estate market usually when there are stores that want to open for retail, large shopping centers and even grocery stores. Commercial real estate includes:

  • Business office spaces
  • Hotel and Resorts
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare departments

There are four main classes that can be categorized in commercial real estate such as:

  • Office space
  • Industrial
  • Multifamily rentals
  • Retail

The main investment behind commercial real estate is providing rental income and possibly potential capital appreciation in the years to come. Investing in commercial real estate unlike residential real estates, might need a larger amount of capital for the investment to have potential success. Choosing the right location for the commercial real estate is also essential towards a profitable return within the investment. When you have your own business, it would obviously be better when you plan to occupy your own property rather than having to rent out and lease the property.

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Most investors with a hefty capital tend to choose the best commercial properties that they can purchase so they can lease out the property and have income returning in profit. The rate for commercial leases are usually priced by the space occupied during a specific set of time as well as the annual rental dollars per square foot may increase within every year. Commercial leases are usually run from the average of a year to 10 years, depending on the business that decided to occupy the property as well as the space provided to be able to present potential customers with retail or a business.

When you are under a gross lease, the tenants would only have to pay because the landlord will be the only one who covers the property’s taxes, insurance and even maintenance. It requires a lot of work to manage a full and ongoing management to be able to maintain a leased commercial real estate. Many commercial property owners tend to hire a real estate management firm that can help them manage to find and retain tenants, be able to oversee leases and options finically which would give the property owner specialized knowledge of how to market their real estate property even better.

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When you finally decide to make investments within the commercial real estate in Maadi, it can turn very profitable and lucrative towards the stock market. Many investors actually make most of their money by just property appreciation alone when they plan to sell, but the other half investors tend to get most of their investment return coming from rent payments of their tenants. There are two specific ways that you can invest within the real estate industry and that is direct investment and indirect investment.


One of the major forms of investment within the industry is direct investment which means that you become a landlord through the ownership of the physical property. Those who are best suited for direct investment are the investors looking towards owning whether residential or commercial properties. Having to invest in commercial properties are often very risky but yet highly rewarding when the investment has been made with proper research and knowledge beforehand.


There are many investors that invest within the industry but not directly, such as having ownership through various market securities like groups and financial funds. When you choose to invest in commercial property-related stocks, you would have a better understanding of the companies that cater to the commercial real estate market such as banks and other realtors in the industry.

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The advantages to commercial real estate are many such as leasing your property, choosing to develop new construction properties whether by raw land or slightly developed properties that may need certain repairs and adjustments. Commercial real estate will benefit you with very impressive investment returns and if you consider to rent your property, you can also accept a monthly cash flow. If you choose to invest within industrial buildings, it is best to understand that their rent is at a lower rate than the usual commercial property but it also has a lower overhead cost compared to many office towers.

Another major benefit is from the longer lease contracts that are made, unlike residential properties, you can rent your property for a longer lease length and you would understand that there will be a stable income cash flow that you will be receiving in return, as long as the long-term tenants are satisfied and occupy your property. Besides the stable, wealthy source of income that will be returned through your investment, you can also rely on the potential property appreciation and also understand that the property must be maintained throughout the time so that the appreciation value doesn’t decrease through time

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The disadvantages towards commercial real estate are not many but they are worth mentioning such as rules and regulations, tax payments, maintenance and repairs to be made throughout the time. Most investors who plan to invest in commercial real estate should have a specialized expertise and knowledge as well as a capital unlike most people. Just because commercial real estate can gain you a lot of income in the process, it can also be very risky and if you are not ready for any unexpected expenses or payments, it wouldn’t be so easy to maintain the property in that case.

Keep in mind that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many real estate property values have dropped and are slowly remaining steady and will rise by the end of the year due to the slow rise of the economy.


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