Siding Solutions – How to Install and Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

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If you’re ready to give the exterior of your home an upgrade, there are various options that could help you achieve the look you desire – but choosing one may prove challenging.

Before selecting your siding type and material, take time to carefully consider your budget and personal taste. There is an assortment of choices such as concrete, wood, stone and brick available that might suit you perfectly.

Custom Contracting Siding Installation and Repair in Oakville

Siding is an investment worth making in your home, making a lasting statement about its overall appearance and feel. For optimal results, hire an experienced contractor who can get the job done properly on the first try.

Hire the ideal company and you will not only receive cutting-edge siding products but also receive exceptional customer service throughout their installation process. In addition, these professionals may also help with other home improvement tasks such as window installation and roofing/soffit installation projects.

Custom Contracting siding installation and repair in Oakville is your go-to for all of your siding needs. They offer quality workmanship, competitive prices, and reliable service so that your home will look its best.

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Types of Siding

Siding is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners as it enhances curb appeal and adds value. Plus, it protects from environmental elements.

Your choice of siding depends on a number of factors, including architectural style, budget and weather conditions in your area. New products are continually being developed to meet consumer expectations of low maintenance needs with longer lives, increased energy efficiency or greater design flexibility.

Popular types of siding include vinyl, wood, aluminum, fiber cement, stone veneer, brick veneer and stucco. Each has unique advantages, disadvantages, and price points. Vinyl is a preferred material because of its low cost, ease of upkeep, and range of colors and textures. A natural substance with a timeless, classic appearance is wood. Although it needs coating, aluminum is rust-resistant. Fiber cement costs more than vinyl but is more enduring and minimal maintenance. Although more costly, stone veneer and stucco have distinctive appearances. Brick veneer is strong and increases the worth of a house.

Brick Siding

Siding is an affordable solution to improve the exterior of your home and increase its value, while adding an attractive aesthetic.

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Brick siding is one of the most popular choices because of its durability and minimal upkeep needs. Not only can it reduce noise penetration into your home, but it can also offer protection from environmental elements.

Installing siding over brick requires first forming a smooth and level surface, followed by installing sheathing material to create a firm foundation for the siding.

Concrete Siding

Concrete siding (commonly referred to as cement siding) has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking durable solutions to protect their homes from fire and insects, without warping under rain or snow weight.

To install concrete boards properly, start by clearing away debris from where they will be placed. Next, apply an even half-inch layer of mortar on each piece and press them firmly into their positions.

Wood Siding

Wood siding can be an attractive and resilient choice for exterior applications, yet requires regular repainting, staining and protection against the elements. To preserve its appearance and prolong its longevity it should be given proper maintenance care and attention.

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Pine and cedar wood siding are among the most frequently used options, although spruce, redwood and ash may also be suitable.

Stone Siding

Stone siding can add an elegant and classic appearance to the exterior of their home, featuring materials like granite, marble, sandstone or slate that come together seamlessly to form this type of facade.

Heavy and delicate material like concrete must be handled carefully during installation and maintenance, but its longevity will outlive its fragility.

Engineered Wood

If you love the look of wood but don’t want the hassle of regular maintenance, engineered wood could be an excellent alternative. Made up of composite materials and offcuts from solid wood lumber production lines, engineered wood siding is cheaper and more eco-friendly than solid wood alternatives.

Engineered wood siding like LP SmartSide Trim & Siding is treated with zinc borate to resist fungal decay and termite damage, and contains waxes to block moisture intrusion while binding agents hold it all together.

Glass Siding

Glass is an extremely versatile material that can add an eye-catching aesthetic to any home, while also letting light through and providing breathtaking views.

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Glass may be an ideal material choice if you want something different than traditional siding options for your project.

Before installing, measure and mark where starter strips, corner posts, window flashing, trim, and J-channels will go on the walls. Next, cut each piece using either a circular saw or tin snips until all pieces fit.

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