Tricks to Maintain Cleanliness Under Control

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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In a house that is always clean, there is no magic but responsibility. Even you can enjoy, all the time, an organized house, if you’ll take into account some tips.

In case you decide today to clean the house, don’t force yourself to accomplish everything in just one day. Only when you think about how much work you’ll have, you will be tempted to give up. Start with one room and then do the others one by one.

After you finish cleaning the entire house, maintenance is the key to success. Just a few minutes spent daily putting in order everything, will save you from something that can become overwhelming.

Try not to have too many decorative items in the house because they gather dust and are difficult to maintain.

Keep a few boxes in the balcony, on which you can write “To give”, “To recycle”, “To throw away” and occasionally take a look on what else you can store in them.

Even if you like the magnets on your fridge, avoid gathering too many of them. Otherwise, in your mind will be installed a chaos due to the crowded objects and this thing will be transmitted throughout the house. You don’t even suspect how much little memories can influence you.

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As for the dust, you don’t have to take every time a cloth and a special solution because this is what you can do weekly. Instead, buy a special whisk and once at two days remove the dust with it. It will take just 5 minutes to clean up around the house. This is, of course, if you don’t stop to watch TV.

As well, vacuuming every day can be extremely annoying and tiring, so you can do this thing every two or three days with a broom. Make sure you do it before dusting.

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