Use These Outdoor Materials to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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Today people are looking more to their home as a sanctuary where they can come and relax after a long hard day at work. Because of this homes are no longer being designed as showpieces with rooms that are not inviting. Instead homes are made to look and feel more casual with welcoming and comfortable spaces.

This often means bringing natural materials from the outside into the home including some of those that you might think don’t fit.  Here are a few of the latest hot interior design trends that focus on using typically exterior materials to make your home more comfortable and stylish.


Over the last three decades brick was used as a building material for the exterior of a home and the only time it was inside the home was if the homeowners did not have the funds to finish the interior. People had gotten used to smooth walls and finishes and the unfinished look of brick was rarely used in an interior. These days however, brick is being used to add character and charm to the interior of even the most expensive homes.

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Because brick can be created to be perfectly uniform unlike natural rocks. It can form perfect patterns and fit any particular wall in a room perfectly. Traditional bricks can be used or custom ones created that have a specific color or style to enhance a room’s decor and provide a backdrop for any look. The results can be unexpected and stunning.


Wood has always been used to warm things up in a home. The different colors and even textures of wood can cause a room to take on a particular character. Lighter woods mean airy while darker woods can mean rich and opulent. Colors in between can take on all sorts of moods depending on the furniture and other elements in a room. Wood can also help you to de-stress.

You can choose from a variety of types and colors and then pick which finish you want on the wood or choose no finish at all. Today a popular choice is reclaimed wood which is used that has been used before for furniture, homes or buildings. It helps the environment and your pocket too.  The natural look can be used on floors, walls and even the ceiling to make your home a sanctuary.

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There are timber frame kits available on the market to make beautiful timber frame additions to your home. Some common timber frame accents and additions include ceiling beams, roof braces, gable accents, and rafter tails. If you want to highlight specific parts of your home using architectural design, a timber frame accent makes an elegant yet rustic addition.


Stone has had a huge resurgence in home interiors. In the kitchen and bathrooms stone countertops are all the rage. Whether it is marble or granite, everyone loves the look that can take an average room in the special category.

In the living room stone fireplaces have returned. Whether it is larger natural stones or smaller ones, they can create a focal point for a large or small room and add character.

There is also a move toward putting stone on walls in the home. One stone wall in the family room or den creates a wonderful contrast and increases the type of furniture you can put in that room.

Finally many homes are using stone to connect an indoor room with an outdoor space. Stone is used both in the family room and running right out into a patio. The look is gorgeous.

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When you make these home upgrades they are likely to increase the value of your home significantly. For this reason you need to get a home insurance policy that covers these upgrades. Prices for home insurance varies greatly, so you need to do some shopping. Getting different home insurance rates quotes is easy with You can compare and save lots of money while making sure your entire home is covered. This way you will never have to stress about your sanctuary.

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