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If you’re keen on finding out the latest must haves in every rich person’s home, look no further than perhaps people in your own social group who have all the money in the world to splurge and make their dreams come true. When it comes to the latest technological trends, it’s the upscale luxury homes that are the quickest to adopt. If you take a peek inside the most expensive homes in the world, you’d see what we’re talking about here. Anything new that hits the marketplace, find its way into these places. Let’s now take you through some important features that are an essential in every rich person’s home today. Please note, though some of these features have been around for a few years, their popularity is still very high.

Smart home gadgets

This encompasses a lot of things, right from being able to check each and every room of your house from a remote location to unlocking your home’s main door using a smart phone. There might also be other features, for instance, remotely controlling the temperature level inside the house, and all sorts of home security systems. Here’s how you can convert your house into a smart home. The tech companies of today pride themselves in offering cutting-edge innovations to the public, and many of these high-tech gadgets have also started making an appearance outside of the luxury marketplace.

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Outdoor/indoor living

Patios and decks furnished with the latest trends, including a grill station, or sometimes even an entire kitchen, continue to be popular in the luxury market. Why should you be staying inside a house all the time when there is plenty of space to explore on the exteriors? There are ample useful resources on the internet that can teach you how to create the perfect indoor/outdoor living space. In the places with warm weather conditions, patios placed right next to swimming pools have become almost a necessity in luxury homes.

Open floor plans

If you own or have visited any of the upscale homes recently, you would have definitely noticed that majority of them feature a grand entry, and then a big staircase leading to the bedrooms on the floor above. All the common areas usually have an open-air plan.

Indoor swimming pools and golf courses

Why should you be bothered about the weather when it is possible not to? Indoor swimming pools have become a mainstay of the modern-day luxury homes, offering the same kind of amenity as any high-end luxury hotel. For instance, take a look at these indoor pools that’ll take your breath away! Other than that, having a mini golf course inside or outside of the home is a fad that seems like it will never end. Many upscale homeowners are looking for golf courses of their own, either in their backyard or inside the home.

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Movie theatre and a wine cellar

As more and more people are opting to watch movies at home these days, the ones with the money believe in doing that in style. Almost all new-age luxury homes have a mini theatre in them, good enough to seat at least a dozen people at a time. Furthermore, while many people have wine fridges in their homes, the most luxurious homes have fully stocked wine cellars near their kitchens.

Porch or back patio

They say home is where the heart is, so what does that make the front porch? While you ponder that, we encourage you to get inspired and make your porch or back patio your new favorite living space.

An old-meets-new Idaho farmhouse boasts one particularly classic design—awnings. Porch covers popped up in the 1800s to give farmers a shady spot to unwind.

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