Interior Décor – an MDF Skirting Board for Every Room In The House 

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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When it comes to decorating your new or old home, there are many things homeowners add to their list, but did you know there is one simple thing that can make a big difference to the look and feel of a home? We’re talking about skirting boards. That’s right, these simple pieces of wood (or plastic) can make a huge difference to the overall space.

This article covers a few interior décor ideas for most of the rooms in your house, including the use of skirting boards (or baseboards) for you to consider when looking for something different and not mundane. Let’s transform your home in a few unexpected ways.

The Kitchen

We begin with the room that’s the most useful in any home, well, in most homes. Apart from the living room, the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the house, it could be just for cooking daily meals, or perhaps for entertaining guests. We feel it should be the first place to touch up when gathering ideas for any interior décor.

There are a few things you can do with this space so we will not cover all of them, however, we will mention ones that make a difference. This article will give another 70 ideas that could rummage through to pick and choose the one that fits your space the best.

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Open Shelves

Did you know that open shelves don’t only look good in the bedroom but also in the kitchen? They can show off your decoration skills and be practical at the same time. For instance, you can have 3 shelves on different heights and fill them with porcelain dishes or go the practical route and use them to store your heavy dishes such as your food platters, casserole dishes, and glass canisters. Wooden shelves that are not painted, leaving their natural state, make for a modern and pleasing look.

Oversized Pieces

Forget the small ceiling lights and get yourself one accentuated piece in the middle of the kitchen. Let this be the “statement piece” that makes the kitchen. You can get anything from flush lights to hanging ceiling lights such as ‘pendant lights’ (our favorite) or even chandeliers that work marvelously in a kitchen setting.

An Accent Wall

This has been a trend since the beginning of the 20th century however it has picked up more so now than before as homeowners have seen how chic it looks in many homes. Having one wall covered either with a designer wallpaper or unique stand-out colors such as blue or green makes all of the difference in appeal. Splash out with paint of white throughout your kitchen and stick some red wallpaper on just the one wall, you will regret not having done it sooner!

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Skirting Board of Choice

The Chamfer MDF skirting board is the best for this space, it has an angle on the top and is slick looking.


The Bedroom

Pairing Colors

 White is one of the most popular colors in every bedroom. But why be boring? Pairing colors is a trick that most interior decorators use. Pairing white with hues such as yellows or pinks makes for a fabulous boudoir. Steel-blue is also a fun color of choice for adventurous types!

Contrasting Patterns

Layering your bedroom is one great idea! You can have the wallpaper behind your headboard a silver paper with an elaborate design, then a headboard of a contrasting color and pattern such as yellow with white big flowers, and the carpets and flooring a natural wood or bold abstract design with a completely different color. Play around – that’s what it’s all about.

Skirting board of Choice

 Pair the above idea with simple black or grey skirting boards made from MDF, this is the material of choice. MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is the best because you can buy them already primed and all you need to do is install them or swap them out with your old ones. You can choose the Bullnose or the simple Square designs.

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Interior Décor

The Bathroom

Marble: We definitely cannot leave this space out. When you frequently visit the bathroom, you want to feel comfortable in it, and also interested in it. How do you do that? By using marble to accentuate the space. A black and white marble effect on a sink counter looks stand-out! Not only is marble one of the best materials to keep clean, but it also comes in some naturally brilliant patterns that you can include in your bathroom too. Swap out your old boring wooden sink cabinet with a sleek marble effect countertop and see the transformation before your very eyes.

A Touch of Greenery

Plants are the easiest way to add some life into any room, and even so the bathroom. Did you know you get air-purifying plants that can withstand humidity and damp areas? Plus clean the air while you are at it. Anything from an English Ivy to a snake plant (also called mothers-in-law- tongue) and a spider plant can easily feel at home in your bathroom and are low maintenance too. It’s a win-win!

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 A popular budget-friendly way to spruce up any space is by taking the old and making it new again. For instance, if you have a bathroom hutch or a cabinet for storing your toiletries, if it’s made of wood – run sandpaper through it, and paint it a different bold color, such as black or red, perhaps stick some mosaic broken tiles on it… see the difference it makes? Now that’s living!

Skirting board of Choice

 A colonial MDF Skirting board adds some flavor to the area. It is ridged and has a beautiful pattern to it, which can be painted a different color other than white. Try orange perhaps?

We hope the above ideas have inspired you in some way to get creative and make your house into a fun place to live in! Everyone knows we could use a bit of a ‘pick-me-up’ during these times. 

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