Renovated Apartment Madeleine by Ateliers Michael Herrman

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Apartment Madeleine is a renovated duplex apartment from the late 18th century located in the eighth-arrondissement of Paris, France that belongs to the principal of French studio Ateliers Michael Herrman, Michael Herrman. In fact, he is the one who renovated it for him and his family.

It’s a 1,500 square foot, three bedrooms dwelling that abounds in natural light due to the glass floor installed above the dining area.

It is located in a 200 year-old building and after renovation preserved the old character that was mixed with contemporary elements to turn it into a genuine loft-style space in the heart of Paris.

The original element of the apartment is the courtyard terrace set in a corner that appears to be an interior room.

The indoor and outdoor spaces are contrasted through their design while the edge between them is blurred by the vertical garden.

Glass was excessively used through the design, including the glass cabinets in the kitchen, glass tiles, counters and fixtures.

Photos by Filippo Bamberghi

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