Poor Plumbing Could Be The Root Of Your Pest Problem

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Pests Like Things Damp

One of the reasons pests like damp places is because organically, water encourages life and its spread. Ecologically speaking, this is just the natural order of things. If you’re ever in a forest and pick up a damp log, you’re apt to find all manner of insect life and fungus flourishing beneath it. As fine and natural as that is, you don’t want such life invading your house!

But it can be difficult to spot such infestations. If you’ve got an irrigation system in place, it may be controlled through devices in your basement which mitigate the time sprinklers turn on. Sometimes pipes are in places that are inconvenient, and then they begin to leak. If this happens in a crawlspace, or between walls, it can lead to an environment common pests just adore.

One of your first steps in eliminating pests that enter a house because of plumbing issues is going to be stopping the leak that acted like a call to action with your house as the target. If you bring in the exterminator first, then you may have to bring them again. So initially it makes sense to find a plumbing solution both courteous and reliable.

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If you check out plumbingfix.com, you’ll find an organization that operates on principles of trust and courtesy; according to the site: “Trust and courtesy may not be the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when it comes to plumbers, but with PlumbingFix, we make sure you get the best treatment along with your service.”

Bringing In The Pest Control Experts

Once you’ve got the plumbing issue figured out, then it becomes time to bring in the pest removal specialists. You want those who have a means of pest control that doesn’t rely so much on intuition, but does rely on established methods of accomplishing the eradication of unwanted biological interlopers.

Exterminators like Delsea Pest & Control bring a vetted, intensive process to the pest management arena: “Integrated Pest Management…is defined as controlling pests through sanitation, mechanical exclusion, non-chemical devices, and when necessary, the use of pesticides.”

A system of this caliber has a comprehensive nature to it that isn’t designed only for the removal of pests, but for future prevention. Again, you want issues that attract pests to be taken care of before you go about removing them, but you want those measures to have some positive future effect as well.

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Natural Breakdown

Your home is an investment. It’s not just where you live, it’s a physical expression of your assets. Any home left on its own will naturally erode over time. The self-cleaning, self-perpetuating nature of the environment will see to it that anything left on its own too long will eventually break down.

If pests don’t erode the foundations of your property, wind, rain, sunshine, and the weather in general will do the job eventually. The reality of owning and managing any property is that you’ve got to take a direct and firm approach or you’re not likely to get anywhere.

Every time you fix one problem, a new one is going to crop up. What really makes sense is establishing regular yearly intervals wherein your premises are inspected for leaks, pest incursion, and other damages which could lay hidden but for the experienced eye of a professional team.

However you ultimately decide to manage your property is up to you, but one thing is clear: you don’t want to put off necessary maintenance. Especially with plumbing, a leaky pipe or faucet can lead to collateral damages that become increasingly expensive, and just tend to greater degradation over time.


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