A Quick Guide to Clean Blinds and Shades

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If you want to clean your blinds and shades, don’t forget your vacuum behind, it will be of great help. Blinds and shades are often the last things we consider cleaning. Therefore, we bring you a quick guide that will help you clean them without creating a fuss.


Following, we will describe how to clean blinds depending on what they are madefrom.

Wood and Faux

You need to treat them like wood furniture. Dust them with a soft and clean cloth. If you can afford, try using chemically treated dust cloth, or wipes. You will have to lower the blind to its full length, title slates to a closed position and hold the bottom rail to dust.

Now, reverse the slates and repeat. Dampen a microfiber cloth with warm water to wipe slates to clean off the stubborn diet. Once done, open the slats and let the air dry your blinds.

Aluminum and Vinyl

Lower the blinds and title them. Avoid closing them completely because you can’t clean them properly this way. Put your hand down on the bottom rail, pull the blind slight away from the window, keep it straight. Use the soft dusting brush attachment with your vacuum.

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Vacuum the slats one by one. Clean it in the side to side or top to bottom motion. In the end, wipe them clean with a damped microfiber clothe.
Now open the slates and let the air dry them.


We are going to instruct how to clean shades according to their type.


These are also known as Honeycomb shades. They are used to insulate window treatments. These are energy efficient and easy to clean. All you need to do is use the dusting tool on the vacuum. Give them a try on low suction,and you are don.


Roman shades are flat, draped, and pleated Use the soft dusting brush with low suction settings. Gently go over the shades with the brush attachment. Use a damp cloth with mild dishwater detergent to clean any stains. Don’t saturate the whole thing, only rinse and blow dry.

Sheer Shades

Use the translucent window shades to adjust or diffuse the light. These look delicate,but they are made from the tough knitted polyester. So, vacuum them with the brush attachment and low suction settings.

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Roller Shades

If you have roll down shades, then you better use a wrung cloth or sponge dipped in mild dishwater and lukewarm water. Use it to wipe different sections of the shade. You will need to start at the bottom and work your way towards the top until the whole thing is clean.

In case you have dingy vinyl, shades cover them in warm water. Add a few drops of mild dishwashing soap. You can use a soft brush to clean shades on both sides. Rinse and repeat, air-dry in the end.  Once they have perfectly dried out, re-hang them.

Be Careful
Don’t wash paper shades; washing is only for fabric shades. Paper disintegrate in water, only dust,and vacuum paper shades. Delicate fabrics also can’t tolerate harsh scrubbing. You may need to rub off the stains, so brush it lightly with an old toothbrush.
Use a mild laundry detergent; it’s far better than baby shampoo. Spot cleaning is not idea for shades. Shades stain easily when sprayed only in one area. So, clean the whole thing. If you want to steam clean, test a small area and make sure there are no side effects. If it goes well, go ahead with the whole thing.

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