A Guide to Having a Major Spring Clean at Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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We all know that giving the home a thorough clean once a year will help to maintain that uncluttered look, yet the annual spring clean often gets overlooked, and the longer you leave it, the bigger an operation it becomes. If it has already been a couple of years since you got out the dusters and cleaning equipment, here are a few tips to ensure the project has a favourable outcome.

Spring Clean at Home

The Right Equipment

 Spring cleaning the home demands the right tools and equipment; items like dusters, brooms, brushes, cleaning products, mops and lots of black plastic rubbish bags are all required. If you are enlisting the help of other family members, make sure there is enough to go around, and with everyone knowing their task, the clean should not take longer than a single day.

cleaning equipment

Removing Rubbish & Unwanted Items

 We never realise just how much junk we have at home until it is time to have a clear out, and with affordable rubbish removal in Sydney, designate an area of the garden and throw everything that is unwanted into a pile. The waste removal people will take everything away, with perhaps the exception of hazardous waste, and you can ask them to come when the cleaning is finished.

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Work One Room at a Time 

This is how the professional house cleaners go about their work, and this avoids walking through areas that are already cleaned. Start by removing moveable furniture, then cover the floor and start dusting from the ceiling to the floor, and leave it for the dust to settle for 15 minutes. Clean the windows (inside and out) with glass cleaner and old newspapers, wipe the skirting and architrave with a damp cloth, then replace the furniture item by item, cleaning each before it is put back into the room.

Curtains & Blinds 

A spring clean wouldn’t be complete without washing the curtains or cleaning the blinds. The curtains might need to be dry cleaned, depending on the type of material, while blinds can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Curtain rails need to be dusted to remove cobwebs, and blind mechanisms should also be carefully cleaned, possibly using a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Curtains & Blinds 

Choose a Dry Day

 While the Australian weather is hardly predictable, try to choose a day when there is little chance of a shower, as a wet exterior will cause all kinds of issues. Make sure you cordon off a section of the garden for unwanted items and rubbish to be deposited, ready for the rubbish removal people to take away.

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Cleaning the house is certainly something we should do every year, and by taking all of the above into consideration, your spring clean should go without a hitch. Make sure you have a local rubbish removal company to collect the rubbish and unwanted items that you are sure to find, and your home will take on a much brighter look and feel.


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