Choosing The Best Commercial Roofing Air Conditioners

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Commercial roof air conditioners are massive devices meant to cool a large office building or factory with just one motor. However, these large units need a lot of service if you want to keep them running. You could run into a number of problems with these devices if you are not careful, and you should work with a technician who knows how to access these units, service these units, and keep them as efficient as possible. Choosing the best unit requires a bit of wisdom, and all the steps listed below will help you make the right choice.

Roofing Air Conditioners

How Large Are These Units?

The Intellipak air conditioning unit that you have selected is at least the size of a refrigerator. The largest units could be a story tall, and they could be several yards wide. The units are purchased for the facility that they serve, and the largest units will service massive facilities that might have sprawling buildings. You should plan to keep these units as clean as possible, and that might require a lot of work on your part. You need a ladder to reach the top of most of these units, and you should have someone on your staff clean the device at least once a week so that it will remain pristine.

Why Would You Choose Intellipak?

The Intellipak air conditioning unit you have chosen has few moving parts, was designed to stand the test of time, and will give you the best possible performance in any situation. These units are almost completely closed off, and they should be kept that way most of the time. The internal motherboard will manage the unit, and it cannot be damaged by outside weather because it is encased deep within the device. There are many instances in which you need to purchase a new device, and Intellipak is your best option.

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The System Should Get Progressively Smaller

The units that you choose should get progressively smaller over time. The technology is improving every year, and you will find that a smaller unit can give you all the cooling power you need without expending too much energy. Upgrading your system means that you are spending less money on utilities every year, and you can get something that does not stand out when installed on the roof. There are areas where local weather and wind could damage a much larger unit, but the newer units that are much shorter provide you with the cooling you need without any fear of latent storm damage.

Roofing Air Conditioners

The Units Should Come With A Service Door

The best unit should come with a service door that is easy to open when you have an HVAC technician come by. Most technicians know that they need to crawl inside the unit to some degree, and they need a service door that is easy to access. A unit with a tiny service is very hard to access, and your labor costs go up every minute your technician cannot get into the unit. The service door should be checked once a week to make sure it locks properly, it will open, and it is not rusting. The service door should have weatherstripping that will keep moisture out, and you need to be sure that you checked inside the unit for any moisture when you come by for your regular inspection.

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The Units Should Be Serviced Every Quarter

Even the best machine needs to be serviced once a quarter. These devices have parts that will wear down over time, and these parts can be replaced in a short period of time. Working with a professional HVAC company like Magnolia Heating and Cooling is the most effective way to save time and money. They can handle all of these things in one visit. To ensure that everything is working properly, you could have them come back every three months.

Should You Hear Sound When The Device Runs?

Modern air units will make a tiny bit of noise inside the building because the sound of rushing wind is hard to ignore. However, these devices will not make nearly as much noise as they used to. Because of this, these devices need to be managed in a way that allows them to stay quiet. Check the unit at least once a month for loose bolts, and make certain that all the extra noise padding has not fallen.

If you hear any alarming noises coming from these machines, you should have them repaired as soon as possible. Also, you need to be sure that you have called the technician when you think that you have hear odd noises in the ducts. These devices should never make groaning sounds because they do not need time to warm up. If you are losing air flow at the same time, you need to contact your technician at once.

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How Long Do These Devices Last?

A roof air unit will last a few decades if it is serviced properly. You should keep record of your services so that you know what was done to the device in the past. You might also want to have the device checked for major problems at least once every few years. A deep inspection of the device might reveal problems that do not come up in a regular inspection. Ask your technician if they have seen anything that is troublesome to them. They can let you know how to solve these problems, what they would do if the problem has gotten out of hand, and when they would replace your device. There comes a time when you have no choice by have the whole unit replaced because it is too far beyond repair.

Roofing Air Conditioners

How Do You Get A Replacement?

Replacement devices are often helpful when you simply cannot afford to repair the machine every three months. The repairs that you do will be so expensive that you might as well spend your money on a brand new unit. The new unit can be delivered at the same time as your regular appointment, and you could have the old unit removed at not charge. You might want to use the replacement as part of a much larger upgrade to your building, or you might choose to replace your air ducts when you get a new device. Someone who is planning a replacement should get a quote for a full replacement, plan a time when they can be there for the replacement appointment, and have the job done in just one day. You can cool the whole area with much less energy, and you get much better air flow because you have bought a nicer unit.

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The massive air unit that sits on top of your building should be serviced by someone at least once a quarter. You should have this device repaired so that the repairs do not get too expensive, and you should make sure that you have asked the service technician if they think the device is beyond repair. There are times when you can have the unit replaced for a fair price, and you can start over with something that is more efficient, easier to repair, and provides a much more soothing flow of air.

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