How Seattle Lawn Care Service Deals With Overgrown Lawns

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Having an overgrown lawn is one of the nightmares that faces a homeowner and make them get confused about where to start, especially if they don’t have the right tools to get started. Before an overgrown lawn is cut using a mower, it has to be reduced to a significant level. In this process, perhaps you need a slasher to bring it to the optimum level.

This can be a real exercise that will eventually leave you dehydrated and exhausted. Fortunately, if you are in Seattle, you don’t have to worry because there are lawn care services that can effectively make your lawn glowing and healthy again.

Although most professionals may delay in attending to your needs, especially during summer, you will need to be patient and look for the best that will respond to your needs immediately. Nevertheless, be careful not to fall in the hands of counterfeits. When you get the best lawn care services in Seattle then you are sure of a great lawn. They follow the following procedure:



Cutting the top layer of the grass


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This is perhaps the toughest exercises that make many professionals charge higher costs. Sometimes you will just have to go for them because it will be a real workout. But for them, they have the necessary tools to do the job easily. They will also have the right protection wears from thorns and harmful living things.

They remove the overgrown grass until they reach the lawn where a mower can now access. The Seattle lawn care service can help you do the clear up and restore your lawn into its perfect order. After removing that top layer, they may give the lawn sometime for it to recover before doing the mowing. This should be done after watering it adequately.



Making the second cut


Of course, this will not be as the first one and the grass will have recovered from the previous tough cut. This is the time they come with their mowing equipment ready to make your lawn leveled and great.  The Seattle lawn care service can help you do the mowing effectively if you are in Seattle. You may not like the appearance of the lawn after this mow, but after a week, you will start being proud of your lawn.

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They do scarification


They have to ensure your lawn doesn’t have any moss or weeds lying on it. They have the right tools to do the exercise effectively. It can be very tiring for you to do it, you need a pro.





You definitely don’t want to see some puddles resting on your grass after watering or after a downpour. That’s why Seattle lawn care service fills all the holes in your lawn and creates a better drainage system.


Feeding and reseeding your lawn


They know the specific nutrient that your lawn is lacking and they apply it to your lawn in the form of a fertilizer. Liquid fertilizers are commonly used. In places where there patches, they also ensure that they have planted the seeds in the bare ground within the lawn.

feeding lawn


As you can see, clearing and taming an overgrown lawn to become what you want it to be will need you to deploy lawn care services. Although, you may spend a few bucks, it is important than collapsing your health.  

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