Renovating a Basement: Things to Keep in Mind

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Heather Jones
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When you first find yourself thinking of renovating your basement, it is essential to set a solid plan for the project. Are you interested in creating a space for storage? Do you want to create a space for enjoyment? Many homeowners are surprised to learn that there is a lot of planning and consideration that goes into a basement renovation. It’s a good idea to have a solid goal in mind before beginning your renovation project so you can get all the necessary tools, buy home décor products if needed, achieve permits, purchase new light fixtures, and set yourself up for an excellent renovation project.


Set a solid plan

Setting a solid plan when renovating your basement is vital to the success of the project. Take a detailed inventory of everything in your basement to ensure you know what to add into the renovations or what to avoid when renovating. For example, if you have a furnace, you’ll need to decide if you wish to leave it showing or if you would rather enclose it. Another thing to consider is if you have exposed wiring, you’ll need to ensure it isn’t a hazard. It’s also a good idea to know what you plan to do with the basement. Some individuals like to renovate and turn their basement into a new living area, while others need to renovate and fix water damages.

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Do you need a permit

Permits are essential when conducting renovations to your basement. This is essential to be sure your renovation project is done up-to-code to avoid any issues in the future. Building permits are vital in case you run into problems during the selling of your home. For example, if you’re selling your home and discover water damage in the basement that was neglected during the renovation due to lack of a permit, then you will run into issues with an insurance claim. Building permits help the renovation project move along smoothly and safely for your benefit.


Who will do the renovation

For most individuals, they don’t possess all of the necessary knowledge to complete a full basement renovation. To ensure your project is done safely and accurately, it is recommended that you hire a professional to help get the project done correctly.

Check for moisture

Checking for moisture with a moisture meter for house inspection during your renovation is crucial. The worst-case scenario is finishing your basement only to realize you have a lot of moisture problems that need to be corrected. By thoroughly evaluating your basement to check for any moisture, you will know what needs to be done to fix those issues. For example, if water issues persist then you may need to consider waterproofing the floors and walls. Also, you may need to add a sump pump to your basement during the renovation project if the moisture problems persist.

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Storage is a must

No matter if you are turning your basement into a new living area or you’re just merely renovating to correct damage, the addition of storage is almost always a must. Most homeowners find themselves in need of more room in their lifetime, so incorporating this in the renovation project is essential. For example, you can buy the materials to add in new shelves or closets to create more storage. This renovation will become a highlight if you ever plan to put your home on the market since storage is always a desired element in a home.


New Lighting

One of the most common parts of a basement renovation project is the addition of new lighting. It’s essential for your basement to be well lit. Figure out what type of lighting you want to incorporate, where to buy the new home décor products, and how much to install. You will also want to ensure all the electrical work is done correctly. If you are not comfortable with electrical work, always call upon a professional to ensure the work is completed safely and properly.

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Arguably one of the most important things to consider when renovating a basement is what type of flooring you will install. You want to ensure you’re adding adequate flooring that is going to be perfect for your basement renovations. For most, there is a high trend of carpet flooring because it makes your basement seem more comfortable. Hardwood floors are typically frowned upon because your basement humidity is never the same and it can end up damaging hardwood floors. However, if you love hardwood floors, there is the option of water-resistant flooring that looks just like a hardwood floor. There is also the option to buy vinyl, tile, or rubber flooring products for your basement.

Final Thoughts

No matter what you decide to do with your basement renovation project, it is essential to get the job done correctly. We recommend always going with a professional to help complete all your renovations. Hibou Design & Co. specializes in renovation projects, home décor, and interior design. We know what it takes to complete a renovation project safely, effectively, and satisfactory. We can help with any part of the renovation process, home décor needs, or any interior design projects you may need for your final product. Visit our website at to see what we offer and how we can help you today.  


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