Modern And Cozy Main Street House In Seattle, Washington

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The Main Street House in Seattle was sketched out by SHED Architecture & Design, and it was built as a single family house for a couple of geologists. Flaunting a distinct connection to a pedestrian path to its north, the Main Street House was raised on a sloping lot that guarantees picture-perfect panoramas of Leschi Park and Lake Washington.

The residence was built to give off a sense of spaciousness while retaining privacy and coziness. Boasting extensive wood elements and stunning contemporary amenities throughout, the home exudes comfort and wellness in a traditional, clean way. As we mentioned before, the outdoors is a very important part of the residence, which is why we find numerous comfortable seating arrangements, benches and lounging areas that encircle the abode and tempt with memorable moments of relaxation.

As far as self-sufficiency is concerned, the Main Street House definitely does not disappoint. Its boiler is connected to a rooftop solar-thermal system, while its rainwater tank stores precious water that can be used for gardening or other domestic purposes. In order to further improve living conditions, the home also features passive ventilation as well as solar heating.

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