Choosing Durable Interior Design Elements

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You’ve probably put a lot of thought into interior design elements like style and color. However, durability is a design element you won’t want to ignore. After all, no one wants a living room set that breaks down shortly after they buy it. But it isn’t always easy to recognize the difference between durable furniture and pieces that won’t stand the test of time. Here are a few things to watch for as you’re making your selections.

Look for a Strong Frame and Sturdy Construction

Without a sturdy frame, your sofa, loveseat, chair, or recliner isn’t going to hold up for very long. Notice whether there’s any beneficial hardwood used in the piece. Look for other construction details like how the corners are put together and what kinds of materials are used throughout the piece. You can also find out whether the furniture has gone through any testing to determine how well it will perform in home settings.

Consider the Cushions

One of the first things to fail on a poorly made piece of furniture is the cushions. They can become dirty, torn, or misshapen. When you choose furniture that has cushions, look for details about the way they’re made. Find out if they have coils, whether they use high-quality foam and fibre, and whether you can turn the cushions over for comfort and remove the covers for cleaning.

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Pay Attention to the Fabrics

The type of fabric used for the upholstery will have a strong bearing on how well your furniture looks over time. First, look for stain-resistant fabrics. If you choose furniture sets with washable fabrics, the pieces will be easier to keep clean. Also, ask if the fabrics used to meet any specific standards for wearability over time.

Make Sure the Working Parts Work

Some types of furniture have working parts. Examples include recliners, power reclining furniture, sleeper sofas, and end tables. Make sure you learn about the reclining mechanisms, whether they’re powered or not. Find out whether the pull-out mechanism in the sleeper sofa works smoothly. As for end tables, make sure that any drawers are made well, with adequate glides so that they pull in and out easily. If you choose a table with drawers having French or English dovetail construction, they’ll hold up better as well.

Get Your Furniture from Reputable Sources

One of the best ways to ensure you get high-quality, durable furniture is to choose your sources wisely. Look for brand name furniture from well-known brands that have a reputation to maintain. You also need to make sure you purchase the pieces from a furniture company that provides professional delivery when you get the furniture and good customer care from beginning to end of your buying experience.

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One good thing about durable furniture is that it’s available in any style and a wide range of colors. You just have to notice the details to make sure each piece will serve you best in the long run. Spend some time before making the important decision of what furniture to buy. Ask questions if the answers aren’t immediately available. When you take your time to get it right, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve got furniture that will last.


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