The Home Builder’s Handbook – What to Look for in an Excavator

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Excavators are some of the most used construction equipment. They are not cheap, and when buying one whether new or used it is important to know what to be on the lookout for so that you can make sure that you have made the right choice.

There are so many excavators for sale and you need to know and understand the right specs so that it can have the expected impact and productivity for your business. The machine you buy should be able to pass the necessary inspection and meet your expectations. Here are some of the most important things that you need to look for in an excavator before buying it.

1. The Operating Weight

The machine you buy should be able to match the task ahead of it. There are about three size classes of excavators, the mini or compact, mid-size, and the standard or the full-size excavator. Do not forget to check the bucket capacity.

Knowing the size of machine you want, whether new or used will guide in making the right choice. Make sure that the machine you are about to buy has all the specs that you need.

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2. Hydraulics

Know the attachments plans that you want to work with and also get to know the hydraulic flows that are required for each plan. When these two match you will have a versatile excavator that is worth the investment. Ask about its coupler options to determine the kinds of attachments that the machine can handle.

Different series of excavators work differently. One of the most loved series is the D series because of its performance. When buying a used machine make sure that you check for leaks. Leaks are a sign of poor machine handling.

Therefore, for used excavators, examine the hydraulic pump compartment and have the leaks repaired before you can buy it.

3. Operator Comfort

These machines are at times operated for long hours and if the operator is not comfortable, they are most likely to burn out fast and lose concentration and this can be dangerous.

They can need to help the operator remain focused and this mean, a well-spaced cab, adjustable seat, adjustable armrests, adjustable lumbar systems and tilt-back that is roughly 65 degrees, adjustable foot pedals, a Bluetooth stereo, and a climate control system.

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If you are buying a used machine, you should not ignore the comfort too. Buy an excavator that has good can features so that your operator can have an easy time in the cab.

4. Play And Swing Radius

This is especially important when purchasing a used excavator. Check for the movement that is not normal, make sure that when the housing is rotated it is tight and smooth. Check every connection point between the stick, boom, and bucket. Do not forget to check the pins and bushings too.

Note that if there is any damage in the slew ring then you should not consider buying that machine because that is one of the most expensive parts to replace in an excavator.

5. Warranties

Talk to your dealer about the available warranty and its terms and conditions too. This is one of the ways of protecting your investment. Manufacturers offer a standard warranty but remember the warranty given cannot be the same when you buy a used machine. Either way, your dealer should be able to offer a warranty for the excavator.

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Excavators are a worthy investment, but to secure this investment, you must make sure that you make the right decision before buying one. With the right purchase, these machines can serve you for a very long time. Remember to always maintain and service your machine as recommended.


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