Boost your Home’s Kerb Appeal with an Exposed Aggregate Driveway

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Developments in the concrete industry have come a long way in the past decade, and what used to be a single colour finish with very few finishing alternatives, now offers many attractive colour and design options. The rich colours and range of attractive finishes that exposed aggregate offer can literally transform the front of your property, and what’s more, the material is very durable and will last for many years.


Exposed Aggregate Specialists

If you would like to make contact with a company that specialises in concrete driveways in Balwyn, or anywhere else in Australia, a Google search is the easiest way to locate a local supplier. They would be happy to send an expert to visit you at home, and together you can both discuss the many finishing and colour options available. They can even handle the removal of old driveway surfaces, which might be asphalt or pavers, and would also advise you regarding adequate drainage, should it be deemed necessary.

Pathways & Edging

To really complete the project, you need to have the pathways done in a matching finish, and with a choice of edging stones, your driveway transformation will be complete. The representative would have literally hundreds of photos of previous projects, which might give you some inspiration regarding colour and finishing, and once you have agreed on a design, the company will issue you with a written quotation, which you should clarify is all-inclusive.

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Why Choose Exposed Aggregate?

There are many benefits from using exposed aggregate, which include a non-slip surface in both wet and dry conditions, while this material also offers excellent drainage, meaning no puddles. Exposed aggregate looks very distinguished, and with a range of different stones that can be used, you can choose the right finish to complement the front of your home. Rather than opting for tarmac, exposed aggregate really is a fit and forget solution, and the material is very durable, ensuring a long-lasting finish that is easy to clean.

Ground Preparation

Like most building projects, ground preparation is the key to a successful driveway installation, and once the old material is removed, the supplier would shore up the edges and make sure that there is adequate depth for the new material. The installation teams would have a wealth of experience in all aspects of installing driveways, and you can rest assured that their work would come with a long warranty.

Ready Mixed Aggregate

To ensure a perfectly even finish, the aggregate is premixed to precise specifications, and when laid, the material quickly sets, and with the edging stones in place, your driveway can be used within a couple of days. Exposed aggregate concrete can withstand a considerable amount of weight, unlike asphalt, which tends to give under heavy load, and a power wash every few months is all it needs to retain that just installed look.

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Talk to your local concrete driveway specialist about exposed aggregate and you certainly won’t regret it.

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