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There are a lot of ways to make small kitchens into a classy and efficient area. There are specific designs for your small kitchen and techniques to make a small kitchen look bigger. Some of the most appropriate small kitchen design ideas are described below:


First and foremost, the thing to decorate a small kitchen is design. It does not matter whether you want to do an entire design or just groom your kitchen and retain the present layout, you always have to take design basics into consideration before anything else.


The basic element to choose in design is the color. Always try to choose bright colors as they reflect light and make your kitchen look bigger than actual size. After choosing the fundamental elements, you have to choose whether you want a breakfast bar or kitchen island, what type o cabinets you want and which accessories would be best suited for our kitchen. After complete designing, you can decorate your kitchen effectively.


To make your small kitchen look bigger than the actual size, the most suitable option is to make it simple. Embracing simplicity in kitchen design will definitely help create a feeling of order and makes the delusion of space. The best thing to do is to select light colors, especially white. Also, the same tones and textures will be the most suited option.

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Concealed kitchen is considered as the most popular trend of 2019 for small kitchen design. By making classy and stylish cabinets, it is hard to get enough storage space. Also, some designers suggest boasting sliding doors which close and hide the kitchen structure which provides you an opportunity to hide some parts of the kitchen according to your requirements.

Freestanding modular

As houses are getting smaller due to renters on the rise, there is a lot of demand for flexible and contemporary kitchens. In this case, the custom designing of the kitchen would be the most appropriate choice to make. You can also utilize worktops and monoblock in various sizes and shapes which will make you able to personalize your working space. Where extractable tables allow you to make permanent or extendable dining zones to provide comfort to your relatives or guests.

Addition of dishwasher

Dishwasher helps in making up space so you can do both dining and cooking easily in a small kitchen. But you have to properly place the dishwasher and also you have to assimilate it into the layout. Determining the place to put dishwasher is crucial to make sure your kitchen functions properly. Also choosing the proper color and finish of the dishwasher is as important as the place of the dishwasher because it will help you integrate the dishwasher flawlessly into the design scheme.

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One Wall

The most popular trend in the small kitchen is one wall design. In one wall design, all kitchenware and cabinets run beside one wall, providing a larger sense of openness. For one wall design to work, proper planning is needed to make sure that enough space is accessible for preparation of food because refrigerator and sink cover up a lot of areas. There is another solution to this problem is that you use the dining table for extra workspace.

Proper Utilization of Utensils

You can make your kitchen both functional and classy just by spending on appliances and utensils which will provide a nice display. The best option is to place knives together on a magnetic wall. Also, you can pursue matching pairs of bowls in commercial steel.


There are two ways you can fit your sink in your kitchen described below:

  • Undermount Sinks

Undermount sink fits below the surface of the worktop. This provides a simple look and makes it easy to clean. You just have to sweep the fragments from the preparation of food into a dustbin. But under mount sinks do not suit with laminate countertops since the space between surface and sink makes a part of countertop visible. To finish off your kitchen style, you will require granite or timber worktop which will maintain these sinks.

  • Inset Sinks
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Inset skin is also known as “surface mount skin”. As the name suggests, it fits into a part of your countertop so the corners are above the surface. Inset sinks are suitable with every type of worktop material and also it is available in various styles and shapes that seamlessly suit both traditional and modern kitchens.

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