Using Interlocking Stone and Pavers for Driveways

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The building and construction industry has come quite a long way, and in modern times it’s possible to get awed by new architectural designs that are quite eye catchy and breathtaking. When choosing the right material to use for your driveway or home patio, for instance, to create a beautiful outdoor décor, more landscaping designers and home owners are preferring Interlocking paver stones not only due to the beauty they bring but also due to their numerous short-term and long-term benefits. This is however, not a new trend because pavers were used in ancient Roman history as well as in building the Great Wall of China.


The name interlock means: “to connect so that motion of any part is constrained by another”. Interlocking paver stones make use of this science. Coming in different shapes and patterns, Interlocking paver stones are joined together using paver jointing sand that locks them tightly together from top to bottom until there is friction in between the joints. The said friction in between joints comes in very handy as it is able to evenly distribute weight across a larger area allowing Interlocking driveways to handle all types of weights, be it smaller personal cars to larger commercial vehicles and equipment. In essence, when you step on such a pavement with one foot, you may just be stepping on one or two Interlocking Pavers but the weight is distributed to like seven of them.

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Remarkable Benefits of Using Interlocking Paver Stones for Your Driveway

Joint sand stabilization makes them flexible and durable

Unlike concrete and asphalt which are rigid materials that cannot move when the earth shifts beneath them causing wears and tears, paver stones are made of many individual units jointed together by sand and therefore, in case of any ground shifting like during tremors, the Interlocking stones move along with the earth and therefore no cracks or breakages happen. The joint sand stabilization technique makes them highly flexible and durable.

Very Easy To Repair Seamlessly

Another main advantage of the individual units used in Interlocking Pavers is that if one or several pavers were to be damaged, it’s very easy to remove the damaged paving stones and replace them without interfering with the entire Interlocking driveway or the original pattern. If however you are dealing with concrete, you would have to call in a professional who would come in with a special concrete-cutting saw, cut off the damaged area and then lift it out using special machines or tools. New concrete will then have to be poured which is almost always never identical to the original pattern. This is not only time consuming but costly.

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Interlocking Pavers have a low moisture absorption rate

Paving stones have little or no air pockets due to the dense setting process while building Interlocking driveways. This means that Interlocking stones absorb very low moisture thus curbing the risk of expanding and cracking. This means that they can go through winter and rainy seasons with ease unlike concrete that has more air pockets that easily seep in moisture leading to expansion and cracking.

Stylish and Extremely Beautiful

Paving stones are modular meaning that with their shapes and patterns, they can form beautiful geometric shapes and styles once interlocked. Individual pavers can also have different colors thus creating a beautiful, artistic Interlocking driveway for you that will survive rains and cold weather and serve you for a long time.

Easy to use and maintain

Due to the sophisticated science used in making Interlocking driveways, they require little or no maintenance at all. They require no expansion joints and even their surface is slip and skid resistance. Even if there was to be say an oil spillage on these the paving surfaces, you can easily clean it off without affecting the Interlocking stones whatsoever. The ease of installation also makes the work easy for home owner or contractor.

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In conclusion, there are numerous reasons and benefits for using Interlocking paver stones for your driveway. In a fast paced modern world where everyone is competing to be on top of their game, Interlocking Pavers can provide your residence with rare, eye catching beauty that is bound to leave any visitor awed. In addition, using Interlocking stones can be friendly to your pocket over a long period of time because with little or no repairs and maintenance costs needed, that will save your hard earned money that you can then dedicate to other worthwhile ventures. You can choose from the diverse colors and pattern designs available in the market today to ensure that the heart strictly gets what it wants. Also ensure that your contractors understand the joint sand stabilization technique to ensure that your structure remains flexible, beautiful and long-lasting.

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