Homeowner Tips: How to Maintain the Value of Your Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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You invest in a house for a number of reasons. Of course, you want some personal space and safety for your family but property in Albury is also an investment. However, it’s only a smart investment if it’s still valuable in a few years’ time. 

One day you may sell your house and then you want the best price possible. That’s why you should see service providers as your partners in homecare. Plumbers and pest control Albury locals use are valuable assets; paying them isn’t simply an expense but an investment. 

Value Home

To ensure your home keeps on being your favourite place on earth and to easily sell it one day, follow our tips. We’ll show you how to keep your property valuable and even increase its value over time. 

Keep Pests at Bay

A number one way to manage the value of your home is to prevent problems from escalating. This is why you need pest control Albury service providers can provide you with. You DON’T want mice or rats ruining wooden parts of your house’s structure. And let’s not get into the damage termites can do in your garden or your home.

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Even less critical problems such as an ant infestation requires your attention. When potential homeowners come to look at the house they may ask for a lower price when they see bugs all over the premises. Why? Because they will be the ones paying to get it sorted. 

Rather be pro-active and save everyone future troubles. 

Check Your Plumbing Regularly

Another valuable habit to learn is not to wait until something goes wrong before you take action. This is especially important when it comes to plumbing. There may develop a leak if the pressure in the system is too high. However, you’ll only see the results of the leak much later in the form of a clammy wall or dripping under a bathroom basin. This visual proof of the problem means there is more damage elsewhere and if left too long it means major expenses. Alternatively, a buyer with knowledge of plumbing may pick up on the problem you’re not even aware of and lose interest in the house. 

Rather do regular plumbing inspections. You can check faucets and pipes for leaks yourself or hire a plumber for a thorough check once in a while; especially if your home is quite old. 

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Monitor Curb Appeal

If reselling is a huge part of your motivation for maintain the value of your property, consider all aspects of curb appeal. Why? Because this is one of the most important factors when it comes to selling your home. When a potential buyer pulls up outside, you want that first impression to be a positive one.

The reason you need to keep this in mind throughout the years you live in the house is because you can’t fix all curb appeal factors quickly. If you suddenly decide to sell the house but your lawn is ruined by drought or dogs digging holes, it will take a while to solve that problem. Rather make it a habit to keep it in prime condition.

Other aspects you need to consider for curb appeal include:

  • The front door: Keep it freshly painted so it stays protected from the elements.
  • Clutter: Regularly declutter your premises so you don’t end up with random items, such as broken toys, ruining the scene. You’ll get so used to seeing it that you won’t think to remove it when buyers come.
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Update Appliances

Don’t stress too much about this aspect: we don’t expect you to install the latest kitchen appliances as soon as they come onto the market. You should update items that need replacement but don’t feel you have to upgrade all the time. 

When your appliances are all in working order, buyers won’t feel they’ll have many expenses when they move in. This will motivate them to pay your asking price.

Good news: when you occasionally update house items it’s bound to save you money since new models often use less power. 

Check, Maintain and Replace Roofing 

Your roof is important because it’s easy for buyers to see if something’s wrong. For your own benefit, think of how many other aspects of your home’s value the roof can influence:

  • A leaking roof allows water into your attic and can ruin your stored items.
  • When a roof allows moisture inside the house it creates a humid environment which causes mould and attracts various pests.
  • When a growing branch starts pushing against the roof it can eventually damage your entire structure if you simply leave it be.
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Protect your asset and do regular roof checks to prevent this from happening. 

Final Tip

There’s a lot you can do, but these guidelines are a good start. 

We’ll leave you with our final handy tip. Manage your pets’ impact on the home. Regularly deep clean carpets to manage odours. Future homeowners will notice smells you’re already used to. 

When you follow these tips you’ll maintain your home’s value and if done properly you may even make a little profit in the end. 

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