How much does a new kitchen add to house value? 

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A new kitchen can increase the value of your home by 5-15%. When designing a new kitchen, you should keenly select the necessary equipment and colours to paint the wall. Designing a kitchen is done with the hopes of making it functional and more attractive. A new kitchen always adds significant value to a home, primarily if sold.

If you’re contemplating adding a new kitchen to your home, speak with a professional kitchen installation business that has good reviews and solid relationships with suppliers, which will in turn lead to savings when purchasing kitchen units. CharlesJames Developments, based in Cardiff, South Wales, is a reputable kitchen installation company that works with customers from the design stage, right through to the hand over of a completed bespoke kitchen.

 To many households, the kitchen is the place used for cooking meals. Additionally, other people use it as a place for vital socialization and as an additional living space. For this reason, it is critical to plan before renovating your kitchen, figure out if upgrading it will be genuinely cost-effective.


 There are many kitchen designs available, and it is upon you to decide which is suitable for you. For example, there is a bespoke kitchen and a made-to-measure kitchen design. A bespoke kitchen is a unique one, designed according to client instructions. On the other hand, a made-to-measure is structured from the design that already existed.

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 Having a new kitchen is not something easy; it requires a lot of determination and professionalism. Below are the benefits of adding a new kitchen to your home.

1. Increases the kitchen functionality

 Many old kitchens have issues with storage, which often leads to congestion. As a result, there will be minimal working space for other kitchen activities. Adding a new kitchen to your home will facilitate a smooth running of operations. A modern kitchen has spacious cabinets and shelves where you can keep your things. With this, there will be no more congestion in your kitchen. Working in a dark kitchen is quite dangerous; things won’t often work out smoothly. A newly installed kitchen offers you the freedom of adding a variety of lighting options.


2. Increases the worth of the house

 Adding a new kitchen to your home is a good form of investment. It doesn’t matter whether you stay in that house for a long time or you have a mentality of selling it soon. When you add a new kitchen, you increase the returns on your home’s investments. If you wish to sell the house, it won’t be a problem as a newly remodelled kitchen tends to attract many house buyers. Adding a new kitchen to your home will be beneficial as you will sell the house at a reasonable price.

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3. Saves on the energy, water cost, and sustainability

 When talking about a new kitchen, it is not always about solving issues with working spaces, making your kitchen tidier, and storage problems. An older kitchen will not save your wallet as they tend to have more power expenses as most pieces of equipment installed are analogue. A new kitchen will have a modern structure, for example, windows and doors, which are energy efficient.

Additionally, a new kitchen comes with modern equipment, which makes them energy-efficient. Installed faucets with low flow rates are usually affordable. They help a lot in the regulation of water usage in the kitchen. With this, you will have a reduced expense on energy and water bills.

4. Comfort is enhanced

 Many analogue kitchens tend to be uncomfortable most of the time, especially when involved in long hours of activities. Maybe the kitchen is congested with no place to sit, or there are no better ventilations. A new kitchen increases comfort in many ways. For example, it is well ventilated; thus, it reduces the odour and the heat produced during the cooking process. A new kitchen provides a sitting island, where you can sit comfortably. Additionally, the large windows allow more sunlight in the kitchen.

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Ideal Kitchen

5. A fresh new appearance

 Kitchen designs are evolving day by day; with this, you have every reason to have a new one at your place. By remodelling, you will ensure your home has a lease on life. When you upgrade cabinets and do some painting on the walls, you will completely transform your kitchen and give it a new look.

6. Source of happiness

 Any living space will not be considered comfortable if it cannot make individuals feel like themselves when they are in it. A new kitchen will make you happy any time you walk in, and you will always be proud of it. That is because it has your lifestyle reflection and tastes, thus making it your dream kitchen.

Bespoke Kitchen

7. Technology

 A new kitchen enables you to have an advantage on the latest technological development available. The kitchen is the heart of any home, and nowadays, many kitchens have been transformed to command centres. Everything is done with the tap of a remote or digital phone application. That brings everything to the palm of your hand, making work in the kitchen much more superficial. For example, you might have forgotten to switch off kitchen lights. With technological advancement in your kitchen, you will get a notification reminding you to switch the lights off.

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