Party Host Checklist for Summer 2021

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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After a couple of years of lockdowns and social distancing, the arrival of the Covid vaccine should see things returning to some kind of normality and with the great Australian summer just around the corner, this is the time to plan a party.

Here is our party checklist to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

  • The right environment – Obviously, your cooking area should be outside; search online for outdoor rangehoods and BBQ units and create the BBQ corner which should be next to the bar. The terrace should be suitable for the number of guests, with adequate seating and space near the bar and ice cooler, where the guys like to hang out.
  • Music – A party isn’t complete unless you have the right music; Bluetooth speakers make for an easy set-up, or you could bring the lounge Bose speakers onto the terrace (make sure you invite the neighbours).
  • Alcohol, mixers and ice – A huge plastic cooler in the corner that is filled with ice is a must and copious amounts of beer, all the major spirits, lots of mixer options and don’t forget fresh fruit juice. The worst thing that can happen is you run out of something mid-party, so do go over the top with the booze (it will get consumed at some point). You can buy premium craft beer from your local microbrewery, which will be warmly appreciated by all the beer drinkers and you can order online and have the beer delivered to your door.
  • The Menu – With that state-of-the-art BBQ and rangehood, you are equipped to supply food to order. The buffet style is always preferred as it is easy and casual. Appoint one person to be in charge of the cooking area, which avoids confusion.
  • Car Parking – If all the neighbours are coming, your guests can park anywhere, but best to do a quick count of the number of cars you have to accommodate. Make sure you have a few sleeping bags for those that would rather not get behind the wheel (there is always a few).
  • Party Games – You know your guests better than anyone and choose a few games that are suitable, the Internet can help with fun games and activities and we all love surprises. Theming the party is always a great idea and a karaoke session might go down well.
  • Extras – Things like mozzie repellent and wipes should never be far away and a mop, dustpan and brush in the corner can be used when there are drinks spills.
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If you pride yourself on being a great party host, now is the time to make preparations for the coming summer, when your guests can enjoy your hospitality.

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