5 Common Roofing Issues to Watch Out During This Summer

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Climate change is a grim reality of our times, and all over the globe people are experiencing unexpected weather conditions. Areas that don’t receive a lot of rainfall are now witnessing massive outpours, whereas, in other places, there are extended periods of droughts. These changing conditions have impacted everything including our houses since buildings are not resistant to adverse weather situations.

The most affected area in any household is the rooftop because it is the most exposed area of the house. Our rooftops take a constant beating throughout the year as they withstand storms and bear the scorching sun and rain showers that leave moisture on the surface for days. Due to such adverse weather conditions, it is natural that your rooftop will experience more damage, therefore, a lot might have to be spent on maintenance as well.

However, by taking extra care and practicing precaution, people can save their rooftops from excessive damage. One way is to use cleaning and maintenance services offered by roof companies. It could help you avoid any major disaster and improve the quality of your roof. 

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According to the experts at Fixd AC repair in Carrollton, “It is advisable to clean the ducts of your AC, therefore, get a home inspection, and get pest sprays at your house before the onset of Summer.”

While hiring professional help can be a good option, it might not be a financially viable solution for many. A good alternative could be following some preventive measures that would enable you to protect your roof. First, one needs to be well aware of the problems which might arrive with the onset of the summer season.

Here are some pertinent issues you can face during the upcoming summer season, explore these carefully to avoid them as much as possible.  

1. Moisture Buildup

Moisture could build up easily if you live in an area receiving more rainfall. In the summer season, pipes get clogged up leading to leakages, whether the leak is small or big, it could eventually turn out to be a major headache. 

Condensation occurs quickly if temperature of your roof is lower than surrounding air. The vapors could create excessive moisture and could fasten the process of rust.

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To avoid such problems, one can install waterproof sheets. It will help you combat moisture in a much better way!

2. Strong Storms

Windstorms don’t just occur in the fall season; they can be equally detrimental in Summer. Powerful winds can damage rooftops and break roof shingles. If the shingles are damaged, moisture can easily seep through your roof, opening many other problems.

3. Moss and Algae Growth

Summer is the favorite season of moss and algae, an amalgamation of water, sunlight, and moisture could fasten the damaged process manifolds and before you know it, they might start eating the wood under your roof. This will not only weaken the structure of your home but will take the repair cost a notch higher. Hire professional roof cleaning service providers as soon as you see a hint of moss growth. It would get difficult to control the spread if it accelerates. 

One could even hire home and roof repair professionals, having specialized devices that can detect water sources, even those that are not visible to the human eye. Loss can be reduced significantly if the source of seepage is found early on. 

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4. Improper Ventilation

If there is an absence of proper ventilation under your rooftop then it will cause the humidity and moisture to be trapped, leading to more rot. On top of it, if the temperature in your area receives more sunlight and temperatures are usually high, then the danger of air-borne diseases is more.

5. UV Rays

We all know that a repercussion of climate change is damage to the ozone layer due to which UV rays have become much stronger. These rays aren’t just harmful to our skin but also impact the roof. UV rays can cause shingles to dry, leading to the emergence of cracks causing them to fall off. It can turn out to be a huge hazard.

Apart from these problems, bugs, rats, mosquitoes, and other insects could also wreak havoc. They are known as silent killers. You might not even know before these tiny bugs could have destroyed the whole structure. If they set a camp on your roof then they can cause harm to shingles, fiber sheets, wooden components, and sometimes even plants.

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Why is Roof Protection Important?

Turning a blind eye to problems associated with the roof could be detrimental. It could risk your own life, therefore one should practice precaution. Regular checks, inspections, and maintenance are vital and could save you valuable bucks. 

The small but pivotal actions could be a lifesaver! You can eradicate a lot of hassle if you remember these simple points! 

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