Roofing Safety: Ensuring a Secure Work Environment

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Roofing is among the most dangerous professions, even for those who have had years of experience. Using the right safety equipment and following regulations ensures that roofing companies protect their roofers.

When you’re having your roof repaired or replaced, it is always best to choose a company that puts safety first. According to Clear Vision, one of the most essential safety requirements that homeowners should watch for is that the company is licensed and insured.

These basic requirements can protect homeowners in the event that a roofer falls on their property. Here are a few other things that a roofing company should do to keep roofers safe on the job.

Wearing Safety Gear

A legitimate roofing company will always have safety gear for its workers. Safety harnesses can help prevent fatal falls. They need to be anchored correctly to be effective. Roofers should wear hard hats as well to not only protect themselves in the event of a fall but also protect them should anything fall off the roof while they’re down on the ground.

Using Proper Equipment

Repairing and replacing roofs requires proper tools and equipment. Ladders, power tools, and scaffolding should all be used as intended.

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Adding Safety Netting

By adding safety netting, it can keep roofers and debris from falling off. They must be installed correctly to be sturdy enough to catch anything.

Wearing the Right Footwear

While it’s not quite as important on a flat rooftop, on a sloped roof, proper footwear can keep workers from sliding off the roof. A reputable roofing company will insist that all workers wear shoes with non-slip soles to give them strong traction. Ideally, these should also cover the ankles to protect them as well.

Ensure Proper Training

Even though an accident can happen to someone who has been working in roofing for years, those who are new to the trade are much more likely to get hurt. Roofers should work with a journeyperson first and get the proper training they need before even being sent on their first projects.

Keep Communication Lines Open

On a rooftop, it’s hard to hear what anyone’s saying below. Once those power tools come into play, it’s impossible. A quality roofing contractor will have a way for everyone to communicate between the roof and the ground to keep everyone safe.

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Always Start with an Inspection

One of the most imperative rules of roofing safety is that the roof should be inspected before any work begins. This is true for simple repairs as well as full roof replacements. Roofers need to look for any holes, debris, and hazards that could cause an injury.

Once these issues are addressed, the work can begin. If you’re in need of roofing repairs or your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, you should make sure that you choose a roofing contractor who cares about safety. When they care about keeping their workers safe, you can rest assured they’re going to care about doing things right on top of your home too.

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