A Glamorous Night In: Tips For An Unforgettable Oscars Party

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The most recent Oscars ceremony has come to a close, but if you’re already feeling nostalgic for the excitement and glamour of Hollywood’s biggest night, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll share some fun and creative ideas for hosting your own at-home Oscars party next year. Get ready to gear up for the next awards season with our decorating tips and celebrity-inspired games that will transport you and your guests to the red carpet. Let’s start planning your unforgettable Oscars party for next year!

Create a Red Carpet Entrance

A red carpet entrance is a must for an Oscars party. It’s easy to create one at home — simply roll out a red fabric or carpet runner leading up to your front door. Don’t forget to set up a photo-op area with a Hollywood-themed backdrop and props, so your guests can strike the perfect pose!

Decorate with a Hollywood Theme

Decorate your party space with movie-themed elements, such as black and gold tableware, film reels, clapboards, and director’s chairs. A touch of sparkle with glitter and sequins can help set the stage for a glamorous evening.

  • Dim the lights and use small table lamps, string lights, or candles to create an intimate and elegant atmosphere.
  • Fill the room with movie posters or screens displaying scenes from popular films or this year’s nominated movies.
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Create an Oscars-themed Menu

Give your menu a movie-inspired twist by naming your dishes after this year’s nominees or popular film stars. For example, you might serve “La La Land Lobster Rolls” or “Meryl Streep’s Marvelous Meatballs.” Don’t forget the beverages — create a signature cocktail inspired by one of the nominated films or serve champagne to toast the evening’s winners.

Set Up a Viewing Area

Ensure that your guests have a comfortable space to watch the Academy Awards ceremony. Arrange seating around the TV, with plenty of cushions or beanbags for added comfort. Provide blankets or throws, as the evening may run long, and your guests will want to be cozy.

Celebrity-Inspired Games

Keep your guests entertained during commercials and lulls in the ceremony with these fun celebrity-inspired games:

Oscars Bingo

Create bingo cards with square spaces filled with possible Oscar moments, like someone stumbling on stage, teary acceptance speeches, or surprise winners. Hand out the cards and let guests play along throughout the night.

Movie Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge with movie-related trivia questions. You could use questions about previous Oscar winners, nominated films or actors, or anything related to the world of cinema.

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Guess the Celebrity

Write the names of celebrities on sticky notes or index cards, and have guests take turns drawing a card and sticking it to their forehead. The guest must then ask yes or no questions to determine the identity of the celebrity on their card.

Oscars Predictions

Before the show starts, have guests make their predictions for the major award categories. Provide a printed list of the nominees for each category and let guests fill in their guesses. Alternatively, use an online Oscars prediction pool to track everyone’s predictions. After the ceremony, award a prize to the guest with the most correct guesses.

Looking for more Hollywood-inspired ideas for the perfect Oscars night? Check out this Hollywood theme party guide for inspiration and resources to make your Oscars party a hit.

Oscar Worthy Attire

Encourage your guests to embrace the glamorous spirit of the Oscars by dressing up for the occasion. Create a dress code that includes black tie, red carpet gowns, or even costumes inspired by the nominated films. Having a best-dressed contest can add a bit of friendly competition and excitement to your party.

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Awards for Guests

Make your guests feel like the stars of the night by creating your own mini awards ceremony! Design personalized awards for your friends based on their unique talents, hobbies, or memorable moments. Present them with small trophies, certificates, or custom-made ribbons during the commercial breaks.

Themed Party Favors

Send your guests off with Oscars-themed party favors as a memento of the night. Ideas include movie night gift baskets, Hollywood-themed swag, or even miniature Oscars statuettes. Personalize the favors with a special message or your party date to make them even more memorable.


Hosting an at-home Oscars party can be a glamorous and fun way to celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night. With these decorating tips and celebrity-inspired games, your guests will be sure to enjoy an unforgettable evening. So, roll out the red carpet, pop the champagne, and get ready to celebrate the world of movies!

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