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Gathering with friends and family can be tough with COVID especially indoors. With that being said, having outdoor gatherings can be looked upon as much safer and being much more enjoyable! Feel satisfied sitting in the great outdoors and enjoy some sun and fresh air. Nothing beats being under the sun and in the breeze to enjoy the warmth and weather with your family and loved ones! With the recent pandemic and shut down orders affecting the entire globe, nobody is enthused about being cooped up and having to stay within their houses after nearly a full year. Cabin fever should not be on your mind or list of things to worry about as well.

You can find luxury modern outdoor furniture at OFO outdoor furniture on the Gold Coast of Australia to better match your patio or deck! Give yourself the luxury of having a hanging pod chair to enjoy reading. Allowing yourself relaxation and time away from all the stress with an outdoor lounge or treating yourself to an outdoor daybed after a stressful day can be more rewarding for your health and wellbeing. Find an aluminium outdoor dining set to have that barbecue you had planned with family and friends. Choose from a selection of outdoor lounges to go right next to your swimming pool without the stress of having to worry about sun damage for your furniture.

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There are many types of outdoor furniture pieces to choose from to suit your specific needs, such as Sunbrella furniture which works better to protect your investment from the sun and heat. Sunbrella isn’t just an amazing innovation in the world of outdoor furniture to prevent fading, it protects your cushions from spills, dirt and grime. So if you’re worried about drinking that glass of merlot on your outdoor setting in case you spill it, don’t worry, Sunbrella fabrics have your back. This choice is especially great for patio furniture, spending most of its time outside. If you are looking for furniture that can be used indoors as well, outdoor wicker furniture is also a great option for your home. This type is ideal if your furniture will be under a patio or shaded from direct sunlight. Wicker furniture is currently one of the most trendy styles in outdoor furniture. There’s something amazingly premium about the woven colours and textures, especially when paired with beautiful fabrics and accessories.

Speaking of accessories, your outdoor setting cannot be complete without a splash of pillows, throws, candles and more. Of course you’ll want to look for outdoor-suitable products, as indoor ones just won’t last in the sun and rain. You can even spruce up an old outdoor setting by adding in new accessories. You’d be amazed at what new cushions and a throw can do to an old setting.

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If you’re tight on space, there’s a great range of space-saving settings. One popular product right now is outdoor bar settings, with a small bar table. Quickly move it indoors if you would need to, as it could double as an indoor bar table if you choose to!

Australian weather can brutally tear down and ruin any piece of furniture such as outdoor chairs and cushions. Be sure to purchase quality furniture that can withstand any weather thrown at it. Your outdoor furniture is your investment. It makes sense that you will want to enjoy the view of your backyard comfortably and affordably. You can get suitable outdoor covers or just be aware that some products can fade and deteriorate in the harsh Australian sun, if they’re not of suitable quality.

With an Average 4.9 star rating from over 400 customer reviews OFO, furniture is definitely one of Australia’s best furniture stores. With so many satisfied customers and reviews stating that they have received comfortable, clean, good quality outdoor furniture. Their service being described as amazing and wonderful expressed by the websites verified customers.

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Open 7 days a week they offer online shopping, where you have the option to have it delivered or to pick-up. You can comfortably browse from the comfort of your own bed. Being able to pick up furniture within 24 hours or have it delivered to your home address in a matter of days.

Allow yourself a great spot for relaxation and enjoy the cover of your patio with something modern and stylish to fit both your wants and needs. Modern outdoor furniture is great because of the durability and range of material you are able to choose from to best suit your preference and style. A combination of long-lasting materials and unique modern designs are sure to impress your family and friends on your next get together!

Ever been to a dinner party where the conversation carries on too late into the night? Or one where the dining room is so packed you feel like you’re sitting on top of the person to your left? Or one where you could hardly hear the person on your right because the person to your left was so loud? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might benefit from thinking about your next dinner party in a new way. By moving your party outdoors, you’ll create a more relaxed, casual, and intimate atmosphere—and one that will allow plenty of time for conversation.

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With Recent events relating to COVID, outdoor events and fun in the sun are definitely the safest way to go with any social planning or events. Ensure your guests feel comfortable sitting in outdoor chairs. The look and feel of modern luxury outdoor furniture helps to ensure relaxation instead of hard back-breaking lawn chairs. It will also reduce the stress of having people in contact with your household as well. With the warm weather, why would you want to be stuck inside anyway?

Spice up your outdoor area with some outdoor accessories such as outdoor cushions, pillows and rugs to give it that wonderful feeling of home. With the unbelievable comfort of modern outdoor furniture, you may even forget you are outside!

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