6 Things You Should Never Store in an Outside Shed

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Outside storage sheds are a great way to free up space, especially from your garage. Most homes have a two-car garage, and even if you only put one car in there, it can quickly fill up with decorations, yard equipment, tools, and bicycles.

Even though storage sheds can be amazing and free up much-needed space, some things just shouldn’t be put outside in a storage shed. Sheds are great for garden tools, bikes, equipment, and related items.  However, the things below should probably be avoided as much as possible.

1. Artwork

Most artwork will have a hard time handling the extreme heat in the summer and the cold weather in the winter.  The cold weather can cause paints to harden and crack. What is worse is the hot summertime temperatures, which can cause some paints to melt and ruin the artwork. Unless you happen to be in a rare place like San Diego where the low and high temperatures stay within ten degrees all year leave the artwork out of your shed.

2. Food

The obvious reason you shouldn’t store food in an outside shed is critters will find it. But people often think it’s OK until they learn otherwise. Some animals like raccoons have extreme sense of smell and will find things you think are safely stored away. Even if your shed is secure from larger animals smaller insects can invade.

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3. Candles

One of the worst things you can store is a candle. In the summertime, the temperatures don’t have to get too hot, and the candles will start to melt.  Many people find this out the hard way after looking for their fall or winter candles only to find that they have melted into a big blob. Don’t make this mistake.

4. Cardboard

If you are storing items that you want to keep both critters and moisture out, buy plastic storage bins. Storage bins will help protect your valuables and keep the dirt out too.  Cardboard, on the other hand, is easy for critters and insects to get into to.  What is worse if the cardboard ever gets wet, it will fall apart and cause your valuables to become damp and even crushed.

5. Scented Items

Any scented items you may have are not good candidates for outside storage sheds.  The scents will draw in critters and insects. Critters will chew through anything to get to what they smell thinking its food.  Nothing will ruin your day more than getting your valuables destroyed.

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6. How to Protect Your Shed

There are a few things you can do to help protect your shed. The first and most important thing is to have proper flooring.  If you want to be sure that critters stay out you should have a concert or wood flooring. The flooring will cause a barrier that snakes, raccoons, and other animals cannot get past. Once you have a suitable flooring, you can seal your shed using caulking near the seams.  This will help keep out any insects looking for a place to nest.


Outside storage sheds can be handy and help declutter your house and garage but storing certain things are not always advised. It’s an excellent idea to ensure your shed is as organized as possible and you have containers to help organize your belongings.


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