Keeping Up with Current Home Trends in Wellesley, MA

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Heather Jones
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A new year means new style trends and new opportunities to update and renovate your home. The prospect of making changes, whether big or small, can be daunting. It’s a commitment you will live with for years to come, and they can be expensive and time-consuming to complete. To make sure that you invest your time and money in creating a space that you can be proud of, we’ll discuss some of the latest trends and changes that are appealing to homeowners in Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

Home Trends


Bold Trim and Ceilings


If you want to update a room but don’t want to change the look too much, consider giving the trim and/or ceiling a bold coat of paint. This year, expect to see accent walls replaced by ceiling and trim accents. There are a few ways to do this successfully. You can choose colors that are in high contrast with the rest of the room to help those features stand out. You can also take a room that features mostly neutral colors (say, soft whites or light tans) and introduce a new, more dramatic neutral (like a dark grey or black) to make the room feel crisp and fresh. This approach lends itself especially well to the beautiful architectural details often found in historic New England homes.

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Bringing Color into the Kitchen


Most Wellesley kitchens feature classic, neutral color palettes. Lately, though, we’re seeing more color on the walls, or, even more common, on cabinets. Two-toned cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, injecting bright pops of color. One of the colors making its way into kitchens is blue. It’s a great choice if you want to introduce color but don’t want anything too vibrant. Blue is sometimes considered a neutral, so it can be a good halfway point between moving with the trend and maintaining a more classic design. Painting cabinets is a large undertaking, so you may want to consider hiring professional Wellesley based interior house painters. You can also introduce some color into your kitchen in other ways—with colorful permanent fixtures or appliances, for instance.


Show-Stopping Light Fixtures


Artisanal lighting fixtures give your living space a distinctive personality. More and more homeowners are opting for individualistic pieces from local or well-known artists and designers. These pieces draw the eye around the room and bring the space together. Pendant lights have been trending for years and will continue for the foreseeable future. Uniquely-shaped wall sconces are also very popular and a bit more adventurous. You can also keep it classy with a modern twist by going with an eye-catching chandelier.

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 Rich Color Palettes


After years and years of neutrals ruling the interior design world, rich colors are trending again. Lush greens, mustard yellows, and bold pinks are some of the most popular interior design colors in the past year. Use these colors to create statement walls and bold trims, or incorporate them in furniture, rugs, and other design items. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to neutrals yet, use these rich colors in accent pieces to contrast with a predominantly neutral-colored room. 


Black and White Palettes


On the opposite end of color trends is a black and white palette. Restricting a room to black or white pieces is challenging, but it creates a stunning effect when done well. Use white for large areas like walls, window coverings, or large furniture. Accent with smaller black furniture, throw pillows, and other design pieces. Keeping this balance will ensure that the space doesn’t feel too dark and enclosed. As a bonus, the pieces that you use to decorate this room can easily transition with future design updates because they’re neutral and classic. 

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Home Trends

 Matte Finishes


Matte finishes are very popular today. They can be used to accent a wall, the trim, the ceiling, or even to update a piece of furniture. These finishes can create a very youthful, energetic feel, especially with bright or contrasting colors. Matte paint is also useful if you’re concerned about a certain color palette being a bit too bright. Using matte paint instead of a high gloss can tone the shades down while still allowing you to embrace colorful trends. You can also opt for a matte finish with neutral colors or even on wood furnishings.

 Looks That Last


Wellesley is known for its lovely historic homes. If a trendy look doesn’t fit your house, aim for timeless, classic designs—they never go out of style. Complement the historic beauty of your home by choosing simple features with staying power. Try to choose styles and colors that can evolve with future design changes. Buying the latest furniture or following the newest paint trend can boost your home’s energy, but it may mean that you will need to replace it in a few years as the styles change. By choosing looks that last, you can enjoy high-quality design elements that will look great even decades down the road.

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Making updates to your home can be an exciting process.  Don’t be daunted! These fresh trends are sure to last for the next few years to come. Choose your design elements with a long view when renovating, but have fun with the process and you’ll surely create a home that reflects your personal style and the way you want live in your home.

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