Tips on How to Remodel the Attic Space 

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The cost of adding an extra room to an existing house is relatively high for most people. That is where the remodelling of the attic comes in. Instead of building a new place, which is time and money consuming, you can quickly renovate the attic into the extra useful space by doing an attic conversion. 

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Here is all you need to go about renovating the attic;

Hire an Experienced Local Contractor

Even though attic space remodelling is an easy venture that you can partake as a DIY, you are better off working off with an experienced local contractor. The contractor understands the local building codes that dictate the attic conversion measurements. The contractor inspects the foundation, framing, and height before commencing the renovation. They also offer guidance on building standards for a safe and legal living space. 

Ensure Proper Roof Structure

Roofing determines the possibility of converting an attic into a living space. W-shaped rafters on the roof are quite expensive to turn into living spaces. A-shaped rafters, on the other hand, are convenient for the attic remodelling. You are likely to meet the building codes and the height requirements with the A-shaped supporting rafters.

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Hush Up the Floors

Given the attic space is directly above other rooms, the activities in the room might be distractive on the other floors. You are better off with a sturdy base that acts as an insulation. The best option is a wood flooring made from reclaimed building materials. These wooden floorings are easy to install and with the needed sound absorption. 

Proper Insulation and Ventilation is a Must

Temperature regulation is one of the major concerns when it comes to using a remodelled attic into a living space. Instances of the room growing too much cold or hot are common when the insulation is not on point. Invest in the right ventilation and insulation mechanism to ensure proper heat management. 

Align the HVAC system in your home to cover the attic. You might even have to put it on its thermostat. Also, let in more natural light by introducing operable skylights. You also need proper roofing for insulation. Energy-efficient roofing like metal shingles is excellent for cooling the room.  

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Don’t Fail to Estimate the ROI

Remodelling an attic space is costly. Consider how much it will improve your home’s value before you invest in the project. If you are looking for the best ROI, consider turning the attic into a bathroom. It boasts one of the best increases in value as compared to other home improvement projects. 

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Several home reports show that investing attic remodel allows you up to 80% recoup of the cost. Even though the figure is dependent on the overall house value and the location. Only invest in the remodelling if you are sure to get back your investment in the long run.

Bottom Line

Any time you need extra space in your home either for a bathroom, office, or living room, the first option to consider is the available attic space. Remodelling the attic is not only a way to create more space but also to add the home’s value. 

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