Revolutionize Your Space – Top 5 DIY Kitchen Projects of 2020

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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No matter if people are calling this year the year of demise and misfortune, nothing must stop us from moving forward in life and getting our houses that curb appeal it needs from time to time. And DIY projects have never hurt anyone or cost too much money, have they? No instead, they can help to get a good workout and creative thinking in the regular boring routine.

So for elevating your kitchen scene this year, we have in store some elaborate ways and techniques. These can help give your kitchen a facelift it rightfully deserves and make the area more functional and usable. Keep reading to find out:

Broaden the Scene

The kitchen area in mediocre houses is usually a narrow place where sometimes things get congested when people gather or when a feast is being prepared. You might have wished that your kitchen could also be as vast as those shown on TV and the internet. This task can be handled by merely replacing and adding a few things.

First of all, the lighting in the area needs to be accentuated. As much as you light spaces around the house, the broader they can look. And secondly, change the color schemes to lighter tones as these can make the illusion of more expansive space. You can paint the walls and backsplashes with your favorite bright colors. Look for kitchen cabinet doors that can contrast the colors of the walls in giving the place a simpler yet comprehensive look and feel.

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Don’t Leave a Space Empty

Empty walls and floors in a kitchen are the things of the past. These days the more an area is filled with decor pieces and utensils, the more fashionable it looks. So you can go crazy with the pots and vintage utensils you had in storage to decorate the kitchen. You can add shelves at the top and also a hanging rack to place kitchen spoons and other items. Remove the center table and build a vast island that provides both space and modernism.

Add a Bit of Art

You can never go wrong with art for interior decoration in your home, and the same can be done for the kitchen as well. Artwork can be of any type, be it paintings or portraits, but it should inflect the color scheme of the whole area and identify your values and opinions. Art can make any place it is displayed in more sophisticated and top caliber.

Clean Up the Backsplash

These days people are placing more money in background works than in front of a kitchen. By background, we mean the backsplash that accent the kitchen walls, décor, flooring, and essentially everything in it to create an aerial image. You cannot just paint it but add in materials like elaborate tiles or steel pieces to give a specific picture. People even put up DIY peel and stick backsplashes that look equally exquisite as the real tiles and save money.

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Alter Highly Exposed Instruments

There are a few hardware that guests and the house residents visualize more than other things in a kitchen. These can be the cabinet and drawer knobs, the faucet, oven handles, and other objects that are on the front display and are accessed the most. After cleaning them up, you can alter them to the latest trends or change their color to bronze or silver whichever goes best with the all over scheme.

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