Top 5 Paint Colors that Increase Home Value

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If you’re planning to put your house on sale, you might have come across the recommendation of repainting your home to give it a fresh new look.

This is appropriate and the right thing to do. In addition to this, ensure that you don’t underestimate the impact of the color you choose.

While you’re going to be painting both the interior and exterior of your home, take into keen consideration the color you choose. This is because research has shown that some colors increase the value of homes while others reduce it significantly.

The photos of more than 32,000 sold residential properties were analyzed in Zillow analysis and it was discovered that specific colors boosted the selling prices of different styles of houses while others deflated the prices.

The investigation found that colors inevitably made an impact on the buyers, and if properly utilized, could serve as a functional tool to attract prospective buyers. The research also showed that specific colors, especially darker shades, put off most potential buyers.

Paint Colors to Boost Your Home Value

This list contains colors that have attracted home buyers over and over again. These colors can be tagged as “desirable”. They help future buyers to envision themselves in the living space.

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1 Blue

Homes painted in light blue or pale/grey-blue color have shown to sell more than expected and even at a higher price than envisioned. Zillow’s analysis found out that these houses sell for $5,000 over the envisioned price. This is a good sign.

Blue is reckoned to be a soothing and calming color. This could be the reason why buyers prefer bedrooms painted blue. Zillow discovered that dining rooms painted in blue also attract buyers. Navy blue is one shade of blue common in dining rooms.

Blue also works for bathrooms as the shades give the bathroom a fresh look. Light blue shades are known to provide the bathroom with an appealing and inviting look.

Blue is also an appealing color for kitchens according to Zillow. Blue kitchens, especially soft grey-blue, sold at a higher price when compared with when other colors were used in the kitchens. Although yellow used to be the preferred color for kitchens, blue has undeniably topped the charts.

Front doors are not left out of the blue preference. The front door is what welcomes you to a home and invites guests into your house. Its importance cannot be overemphasized as it sets the mood of what guests will be met with when they come into your house. Front doors painted with navy blue invite the prospective buyers in and earned home sellers a premium of $1,514.

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2 Greige

If you’re wondering what color would be appropriate for your exteriors, here you go. Greige is the most preferred color for the exteriors of homes.

Zillow’s analysis showed that homes with greige exteriors sold for about $3,500 higher than the expected price. When compared with exteriors painted in white shades, greige surpassed their estimates by about $1,500 more.

You may be tempted to go with white color to maintain neutrality and beauty. But remember that you’re trying to make your home more appealing and inviting to your prospective buyers. So, it is recommended to paint your exteriors in greige to be more appealing.

3 Beige

Beige is a slight yellowish-grey color that gives your living room an exciting and inviting appeal. It sharpens your living rooms and makes buyers feel welcome. It even gives them a kind of homely feel. Buyers were discovered to be attracted to living rooms painted in light beige or pale taupe. These colors enabled home sellers to earn about $1,809 just for the living rooms.

4 Light Gray

This color usually comes off as one of the most common neutrals. Light grey ranks as a calm color that goes a long way in showcasing astounding features in your home. It creates a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. And it also highlights a room, sharpening the room’s aura and making it look even brighter.

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If you’re wondering what colors to use for your rooms to charm prospective buyers, light grey is another cool choice. Its coolness and warmness make the buyers willing to pay reasonable prices for homes.

5 Taupe

This is a fantastic choice for interiors. Its neutrality gives your home a classic and sophisticated look. It comes in various shades including grey, brown, and lavender. It gives you a wide range of choices to give your home the appeal it desperately needs to attract prospective buyers.  The dark brownish-grey color has proven – over time – to be a wise paint color as it boosts a home’s appeal.


When planning on putting your home on sale, you will need to give your house a thorough retouching as its beauty and attractiveness may have faded over time due to your long years of using it. The paint color you choose in addition to changing door handles and fixing broken fittings go a long way in attracting buyers.

Many buyers have looked down on houses without giving it a second glance because of its paint color. This is why the importance of paint colors cannot be overemphasized. The colors you choose are capable of either boosting your home’s value or deflating it.

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The colors listed in this article are some of the top colors proven to have boosted the values of homes. Carefully analyze and discern which colors are appropriate for interiors and exteriors. This is a guaranteed way of boosting your home’s value.

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