15 Tips And Hacks For Decluttering

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There is nothing as appealing as a neat and well-arranged space. Clutter is a challenge in many homes, the thought of getting rid of the clutter alone can be so burdensome. So, why not take the bull by the horn and empty your space of redundant items to bring order back into your space?

Here are a few tips and hacks to de-clutter your space:

1. Research donation facility

Make findings about facilities that accept fairly used items within your neighborhood. That way you have a facility that will find your items useful.

2. Do not get overwhelmed

So you do not get overwhelmed by the seemingly huge task of de-cluttering in front of you, it is advised that you do a little at a time as this will encourage you to do more over time. However, try not to think of how long it will take you to de-clutter your space. Pace yourself. You can decide to start the de-cluttering exercise from your bedroom. For example, you can do the de-cluttering in parts:

  • Day 1: Shoe Closet
  • Day 2: Wardrobe
  • Day 3: Lingerie Chest
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In three days, you are done with your bedroom. And if you don’t want to go at it alone, hire a house cleaning service!

3. Avoid unnecessary buying

During the de-cluttering and junk hauling process, buy only the things you need. This will help you so you do not end up adding to the clutter you are trying to get rid of.

4. Make use of a Hassock

Purchase a big sized hassock if you do not have one. This is just for to use as a closet of sorts where you can keep things you have nowhere to place.

5. Arrange your cleaning items in a shoe bag

Arrange all your cleaning items in a shoe bag and keep it suspended where you can easily reach for them when needed.

6. Roll up electrical wires

Wires and cords play chief role in clustering up your space. So, creatively wrap up toilet roll cardboard with brilliantly colored papers, and then fold the wire and cords neatly and put them in the space in the colorfully wrapped toilet roll cardboard.

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7. Snap a photograph of items you are emotional about

It is quite difficult to do away with the items that you are emotional about due to one personal reason or the other. So, take photographs of such items as memoirs instead of the actual items.

8. Baskets come in handy

For fast de-cluttering of your sitting room or living space, the use of beautiful baskets come in handy.

9. Reduce clutter by the creative use of shower curtain hooks

Fix the shower curtain hooks to a clothes hanger, then go ahead to hang yourbelts, scarves etc.; it can also be used to hang your handbags.

10. Make use of a multiple dispenser in your washroom

Fix the dispensers on the wall, that way you have a clutter free washroom.

11. Make regulations for your spaces

Set your own de-cluttering rules and regulations that work just right for you. This is an important part of making clutter manageable.

12. Change the function of an old ladder

If you have an old ladder, you can remodel and use as a towel rack in your wash room.

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13. Use small baskets to create sections in your refrigerator

Make use of small baskets to divide each layer in your refrigerator into smaller compartments. That way, you have a compartment for different food types and it is orderly too!

14. Adhesive repository

Adhesive plastic cans come in really handy in keeping order in your closet. After sticking up these plastic cans on you cabinet door, You can clear up your dressing table by arranging your nail polish, lipsticks, perfumes etc. in them. Your dressing table is automatically cluster free. You make use of these adhesive repository in the washroom too!

15. Trash an item each time you clean your space

Once you have formed a habit of cleaning your space regularly, make sure at every cleaning exercise, you do away or give out a few items you do no longer need. That is a definite de-cluttering style that works like magic!

A major rule in the de-cluttering process which you have to adhere to, if you want to have a successful de-cluttering exercise is to stop hoarding and buy only the things that you need. If you do this you will have a successful decluttering project!

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