Make Your Home More Inviting With These Basic Tips

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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There really is nothing more rewarding than owning your own home. Well, owning might be a big overstatement because you will probably be paying on that mortgage of the foreseeable future when you consider today’s market prices. Well, the good news is that this doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually own the home. It will just take some work and planning.

Owning your own home affords you a lot of opportunities and benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to take advantage of. Just look at the ability to host freely and decorate the home in any manner that you choose. However, if you are one of those individuals that like hosting and partying, you will need to make your space more inviting. And, with the following tips and information, you can do just that.

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Make Your Entrance Set The Tone

When people enter the home they naturally do it through the front door. This is the first thing that people are also going to see when they pull up to the curb or in the driveway. If this area is a non-starter from the beginning, you are already putting out the wrong vibes. Making sure that your front entryway is clean and tidy will make the space more inviting as well as increase the overall curb appeal. Make sure the shrubs are pruned neatly. Make sure the garbage isn’t just sitting there stinking up the driveway. And, maybe add a welcome mat or door message that greets your guests with open arms.

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Take Advantage Of Colors

A new paint job or a new coat of paint can do wonders for any home. This is especially true if you are using the right colors, but how do you know which colors are right and which aren’t? First, you have to look at things through the eyes of your guests. What is the guest’s view when they walk into the home? What will be the first walls or things that they see? Probably the wall furthest away from the front door. And, painting it in a bold color or adorning it with a striking piece of art will do wonders.

Keep The Seating Simple

If you do any research online or speak to any interior decorator, you will without a doubt hear something about the seating arrangements. Some might tell you to choose tall and short seats in combination, whereas others might tell you to mix colors. The truth of the matter is that you want to keep the whole section as simple as possible. This not only means choosing the same colors, but it means keeps the seating arrangements at the same height. This will be even so more true for those individuals that live in smaller abodes or condos.

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Consider Bringing The Outdoors Indoors

This one is probably pretty self-explanatory, but if you read any redecorating article form Hausera, you will see that plants not only liven up any space, but they bring it to life. Any space that you want to spend more time in or bring to life can greatly benefit from the use of plants. You combine certain plants with natural light and you will be creating a clean crisp vibe that you won’t get from any other arrangements.

Get Rid Of Those Unnecessary Items

It is understandable to not want to try something away. This is especially true when you worked and paid for it out of your own pocket. Well, there is a line and that line should not be crossed by any means. You do not want to become known as the neighborhood horder. All those stacks of bills, old magazines, and piles of rubbish will need to be eliminated. There is nothing wrong with keeping the things that you need, but you really have to set down and evaluate what is essential and what isn’t. Think about the purposes that these items serve and how you can use them. If they are useless or not needed then it is probably time to throw them in the trash.

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Do Something With The Smell

People give off their own distinct smells and so do their homes. The smell of your home is, in fact, one of the first things your guests will notice when they walk in. This is why you want to adorn the space with smells that promote inviting senses as well as calmness.


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