5 Things You Need To Know When Building A New Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Building your own home is an exciting prospect, you’ll have the opportunity to create your dream home and it should cost less than purchasing a ready-built one. 

But, there are 5 things you really need to know before you start building, these can help to prevent costly mistakes and even ensure your project finishes on time.

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  • The Cost


Just because it’s cheaper than buying a finished home doesn’t mean you can actually afford it. You need to be very careful when planning the build to ensure you’ve covered every detail. This will allow you to create an exact price of the build.

You should then add at least 20% of that value on top of your price, this will help to ensure you have enough for any unforeseen issues, and there will be some.

You may have the funds to cover this or you may be looking at a construction loan. If this is the case then make sure you have enough funds to cover repayment costs while you’re building. Running out of funds will leave you with a half-finished house, that’s no good to anyone.

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  • Get the Right Help


If you’re hoping to do a lot of the work yourself, or supervise it then you need to find reputable labor-hire Sydney. This will ensure you have quality professionals to cover the parts you can’t do, and they’ll be there when you need them.

If you’re entrusting the entire build to a contractor then make sure you check out their reputation first. You need to be comfortable that they are going to deliver what you want, not what they think you want.

You should never fund your contractor upfront, just as the funds are released to you in stages via a construction loan, you should only release funds to the contractor when each stage is completed properly.


  • Resale Value


When you’re building a dream home it’s easy to be thinking only of yourself. However, it is possible that you’ll want to sell the house one day. To make sure this is feasible and the house will be attractive to purchasers, you should make sure that the house fits in with the neighborhood and is going to appeal to a wide number of people.

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  • Green Materials


Environmental issues are increasingly dominating all industries and even politics. It’s important to consider what materials you’re using to build your home and whether they are sustainable or not.

You should also consider how you will be powering your home and even the location of the rooms and windows to minimize heat loss. A good architect can help you with this.


  • Flaws


Finally, as your house is completed it will be time to do a flaws list. These are the things that aren’t yet finished or need to be revised. It is best to get a friend with an independent eye to help you with this stage. 

The flaws list will be agreed with your builder and they’ll be responsible for sorting these issues, that’s why you want to get the list right. If you don’t you could end up with a headache shortly after moving into your dream home!

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