Subtle Décor Touches to Take Your Apartment to the Next Level

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Hypeindahouse: When it comes to your personal space, why not stand out instead of blend in?

Having a space you can retreat to at the end of a long day at school or hard work is incredibly important. Not only is feeling safe and comfortable in your home an aspect of taking care of your mental health, but decorating your unique space is also a great way to show off your personality, hobby and aesthetics preference.

After all, if it’s your space, no matter it is an apartment or bedroom, why should it look like everyone else’s? Getting some fresh designed décor and furnishings which are not commonly seen or sold on the markets can really help you take your home from drab and boring to a totally one of a kind level.

If you need some indie aesthetic, cozy vibe suggestions for your home aesthetics upgrade, here are some great décor options I selected from Hypeindahouse, an emerging home decor online store with so many cute products.

Hippie Era Woven Throw Blanket




One of the best ways to infuse some more colors & textures into a room is by adding an eye-catching throw blanket. Especially if you have a couch or futon from a popular mass retailer, adding an aesthetic throw blanket can help the whole space feel much more cozy and personal. Plus, blankets are just an essential part of having a comfy night in—duh!

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This Hippie Era Woven Throw Blanket will be a perfect couch companion with so many cute cultural elements: peace sign, smiley, love heart, flowers by retro aesthetics. So if you have a longing for 60s -80s era, It will be a great way to express your love to that groovy & liberal age! By the way, hanging the woven blanket on the wall as a tapestry decoration will also be a practical & easy for home improvement.

Most importantly, apart from this Hippie theme blanket, there are various blankets with different aesthetics , you should definitely take a visit & explore here.

Cute Cat Wall Tapestry

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When you have your own apartment, you don’t want to continue decorating like you did your room when you were a teenager. Gone are the days of hastily masking taped posters from concerts or sporadically placed Polaroids with friends. Instead, opt for a wall décor item that will cover a lot of the wall, is cost-effective, and still shows your personality. A wall tapestry is the perfect way to do this. Tapestries can liven up an entire wall in less time than it takes to put together a carefully curated gallery wall, and still provides the same effect. This Cute Cat Tapestry can be easily affixed to any wall in your apartment, and features three adorable cuddling kittens with a positive message: “Hold the space for love.” This inviting energy is perfect for your apartment’s living room or gathering space. Another plus of tapestries? They’re easy to fold up and move with, so you don’t need to stay in the same place too long.

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Sunflower & Smiley Tufting Accent Rug

Going along with the idea of creating a warm, friendly, and positive sanctuary in your home: this Sunflower & Smiley Tufting Accent Rug should be considered. A boring plain rug lacks personality and intricate vintage rugs can lean a little too mature. This smiley face & sunflower tufting rug covers your floors and emits a fresh, youthful vibe. The bold design can liven up a hardwood floor and provide a soft place for bare feet—perfect for placing by the bed or chair to get some rest and relaxation after a long day.

Girls Don’t Cry Tufting Accent Rug



O1CN01WGv2SZ1dQqT9ze4T7__3347653731 Show off your tough girl spirit with this eccentric shaped Girls Don’t Cry rug. With thick and fluffy tufting surface, this accent rug will keep your floors warm while definitely adding a touch of pop art vibe to your house. The fun-shaped rug comes in bright pink and purple colors that are sure to be a eye catching piece to your guests. With this rug, you can show your independent spirit while adding a laid feel to your room.

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All You Need Is Love Accent Rug

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When singing along to the Beatles every time you are greeted with this creative rug for sure. With an imperfectly shaped heart which symbolizes the unique journey of all lovers and the iconic Beatles song: All You Need Is Love, especially in this not that peaceful era. You might be inspired to start your everyday life with this rug, so placing it by your bed would be a great choice. You can get this trendy hippie rug in an electric blue, golden yellow, or bright red color. Not only is this rug a decoration piece, but it is also comfortable, durable, and perfect for keeping furniture in place.

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