Key Areas to Consider When Boosting the Kerb Appeal of Your Home

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Contrary to the popular adage that says not to judge a book by its cover, many people tend to judge a house by its exterior. As a matter of fact, kerb appeal is one of the things that impress visitors and attracts potential buyers to your home. It is an indication of how well-maintained the rest of your home is – most people will be led to believe that if a home’s exterior is in disarray, its interior is most likely to be the same. So if you’re trying to sell your home or just want to improve its kerb appeal, below are some of the key areas you should focus on.

Your Front Door

This is one of the first things people will notice and an eye-catching front door creates anticipation for what is to come. A dull or damaged-looking front door with stains, dirt, signs of mould, and peeling paint tends to immediately turn people off.

Thankfully, there are several ways for you to breathe new life into your front door without having to spend a fortune on replacements. One such way is spray painting.

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Spray painting can be very effective in rejuvenating the existing colour of your front door. It can also be used to completely change its colour, and since a wide range of paint colours are available, you can get creative with your choices. Just ensure that you leave the spray painting job to professional spray painters like PBM Paints as that is the only way to guarantee a top-quality and long-lasting finish. Alternatively, you can opt for getting a new front door if your budget covers it.

spray painting front door

Door Accessories

If you have chosen to dress-up your current front door, then you should also invest in upgrading its hardware. Get a new letter box, door handle, and a matching house number that fits well with the overall theme of your front door. You can also invest in a new door bell.


One feature that cannot be overlooked when boosting kerb appeal is your windows. Unclean and damaged windows with peeling trims leave a bad impression. Deep clean all your dirty windows to give them a fresher look. Any window component that has been damaged should also be fixed immediately. You can even get new windows, trims or have the existing ones spray painted for a brighter look.

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Gutters and Roofing

This is especially important if you’re looking to sell your property. Most experienced buyers will pick up on problems such as missing roof tiles or damaged guttering, so it is important that you address these issues. Ensure that you hire a professional to carry out these repairs immediately.


A well maintained driveway significantly increases kerb appeal so if your home has a driveway, ensure that it is clean and free from weeds. Also, ensure that you fix any cracks or holes that are present in your driveway.



Gates and fences create a nice perimeter around your property, but when they start to look worn-out, your property’s kerb appeal begins to drop. You can easily avoid this by coating them with some fresh paint. Ensure that the paint colour you choose matches the overall theme of your home. The locks and any other broken parts of the gates should also be fixed.

Gate and Fences


Your home’s exterior directly affects its kerb appeal. This is why it is important that you focus on those key aspects of your home’s exterior that people tend to notice. Your windows, front door, driveway, gate, guttering, and roofing and facias are some of the areas you should focus on when boosting kerb appeal.

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