7 Front Door Designs for Every Home

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A front door is your home’s first impression on the world, which is why it’s important that it be stylish yet effectual. The front door you choose to adorn your facade will depend on your home’s overall architectural style. So, before you settle on the first front door you lay eyes on, consider its fit with the rest of its surroundings.

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In addition to style, the front door you choose will probably be based on budget. No matter which of these designs you choose, however, it’ll be worth it. Research shows that a new front door can add up to $24,000 to your home’s value. So when it comes to curb appeal, it’s one of the best upgrades you can make.

Here are seven of the best front door designs for every kind of home.

For the Cape Cod

One looks at a Cape Cod home and can smell the salty air, humid breeze, and impending summer showers of the East Coast’s beaches. These simple and inviting homes deserve a front door that is equally so. For this reason, a lovely French door is the answer.

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French doors allow natural light to seep in, which you’ll want in these sunny homes. Opt for a white one to fit the typical trim of these homes and get the full coastal feel. These doors are reminiscent of the Italian Riviera and French countryside, with their unimposing yet inviting appearance.


For the modern abode

Modern homes are all about straight edges and 90-degree angles. Their cubic design begs for an equally geometrical front door. A modern front door should contain straight-angled designs and gently beveled glass.

When it comes to the hardware, opt for stainless steel handles. Nothing about this door is ornate. On the contrary, it should be sleek, futuristic, and fresh. Avoid rounded tops, excessive detailing, and sidelights/transoms. These features are too classic for this contemporary aesthetic.


For the Mediterranean mansion

Mediterranean houses exude Southern European luxury. Their detailed facades and abundance of balconies and turrets makes them an excellent candidate for a front door that’s just a little extra. Although often overlooked, copper front doors are beautiful additions to these homes.

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Their orange glow and shimmery hue goes well with the stucco-style exterior of a Mediterranean home. What’s more, they can be smooth and simple or intricately-designed. Brass or golden door handles complement these well, and their opulent style fits perfectly with the relaxed yet vibrant Mediterranean architecture.

Wrought iron doors are also fitting for this type of home, although installation can be quite pricey.  


For the family-friendly suburban

Quaint, versatile, and durable, craftsman-style doors are perfect for suburban family homes. Their solid mahogany build makes them a strong, long-lasting, and secure option – a must-have for households with children.

They can also be paired with sidelights and transoms to enhance your doorway. Or, you can pair them with impressive hardware, like a bronze handle or antique door knocker, to truly make a lasting impression.

These doors are both contemporary and classic, as they hark back to the Frank Lloyd Wright style of architecture, while still conforming well to contemporary designs.


For a cozy cottage-style home

A knotty alder door is a perfect addition to any quaint, cottage-style home. Its rustic appearance gives your façade a woodsy touch. The natural variations in the texture, color, and grain of the wood give each door a dynamic and unique appearance.

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Slightly distressed but highly regarded, these doors go well with a speakeasy-style opening as a substitute for a peephole. Their wrought iron grills and heavy-duty hardware make them a secure, sturdy, and stately choice for an otherwise understated cottage home.


For the elegant estate

Grandeur, beauty, sophistication. Arched top mahogany doors are built for the home and family that just radiate class. Combine them with sidelights and transoms to ensure they are not minimized by the stateliness of the home itself.

African mahogany is a strong and upscale material that ensures safety. When harmonized with baroque or beveled glass, they give off a particularly chic vibe. Make no mistake, however. These doors are not simply for appearance. They will turn your ordinary estate into a fortress, making break-ins and jimmied locks an almost impossible feat.


For the classic Tudor

A carved wooden door gives a home personality. And much like personalities are unique, so are Tudor-style homes. No two are the same. Stone-heavy, old-worldly, and charming, they will benefit from a custom-carved wooden door.

Because Tudor homes are often accented with dark wood, a deep-stained wooden front door will be an excellent accessory. And, whether you’re incorporating a carved design of woodland creatures or traditional scrollwork, it will certainly be memorable.

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No matter which front door design you choose for your home, make sure it matches its style as well as your personality. The most important factor in choosing a front door is whether or not it resonates with you. With a beautiful and fitting front door, you’ll be sure to attract potential buyers and make a positive impression on all your visitors.


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