Luxurious Lifestyle Villa In Ramot HaShavim, Israel

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Owning a residence such as the one that we’re about to present should be considered a privilege and an honor. Flaunting a price $7.6 million, the Lifestyle Villa is a luxurious 5,380 square foot abode that can be found within an Israeli village named Ramot HaShavim. The main accommodations comprise six bathrooms and six bedrooms, and they are complemented by a separate guest apartment that is located on the ground floor.

The residence is as modern as they come. It features high quality furnishings, finishes and natural plants that contribute to an ambiance of warmth and coziness. The living room distinguishes itself from the rest of the rooms through its transparency. It boasts large windows and glass doors that ensure uninterrupted views of the rear courtyard while also providing easy access to it. The patio can be used for relaxation and entertainment, as it includes a large swimming pool, lounging areas, barbecuing equipment and a pool table.


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