Inviting House On The Lake In Cundinamarca, Colombia


This particular project was completed in 2012 by De La Carrera – Cavanzo Arquitectura, and it consists of an inviting and comfortable home located in close proximity to a lake in Sesquile, Cundinamarca, Colombia. It was built using locally sourced materials such as slate and stone, and it represents a modern interpretation of a traditional house in the mountains.

The prism-shaped design captures the rays of the sun on all sides – a much-welcomed feature considering the fact that the abode sits at an altitude of 8,858 feet. The main volume boasts a secondary prism-shaped addition that catches the morning sun while separating the main living areas from a more casual space that can be used for relaxation. The volume’s transparency makes sure that all of the bathrooms are lit naturally from above. This allows the residents to enjoy the illusion of being outside without having to face the harsh weather.

From the architect:

To return to the essence

The idea corresponds to the primary concept of home as a child would draw. This construction made of local stone and slate, is a search for the essence of the concept of home for safeguarding from the elements and the exaltation of the landscape. It is a contemporary reinterpretation of the rural house in the mountains.

The volume is a pure prism that captures the sun on all sides avoiding eaves to assimilate as much heat from the sun in the cold climate of the plateau at an altitude of 2,700 m, toward the stunning view of a dam.

Attached to the volume, another prism, this time totally contemporary, heats the house with the morning sun while it serves as a buffer and leisure area from home activities.

Within it, all bathrooms in the house are lit overhead and heated during the day, creating a false sense of being outdoors but without the inclement weather.

Architect In Charge: Fernando de La Carrera, Alejandro Cavanzo
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Luis Alberto Mariño

Construction: PRV Asociados: Laura Pinto, Humberto Rocha
Collaborators: Mauricio Berrio, Juan Sebastian Rocha
Structures: Ing. Lucia Rojas
Hydraulics: Ingehidrar (Luis Fernandez)
Electrical: Emc (Enrique Mejia)

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