Sublime Nest & Cave House by Idis Turato


What you’re about to see is an out-of-the-patterns contemporary home. The Nest & Cave House located in Opatija, Croatia was completed in 2012 by Idis Turato.

A steal spatial grid structure is places on an entrenched concrete bunker, leading toward a 17 meter long console. A nice ever shifting experience and interspaces was achieved by a simple dislocation of the upper level which strongly interconnects with the lower one.

Its large windows permit the light to enter in every corner, in this way the house being lit all day-long, also the views being directed away from the road, carefully framing the landscape.

Its geometry and sculptural design is the base of the foundation, also maintaining spatial relations.

This home is capable of telling its own story. We don’t know if it’s because of its relationship with the surroundings or due to its natural charm.

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