Complete Guide to Pest Birds and Getting Rid of Them Without Harming Them

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Why do pest birds choose to build a home in residential buildings? According to recent studies, a house is optimal for birds to habituate as it gives easy access to food and water. There are plenty of uncomplicated ways to get rid of them. Here are efficient bird control methods that you can follow:

What are Pest Birds?

Why were other types of birds considered pests? Like insects that harm plants and crops, birds are also considered harmful to the environment, landscapes, business infrastructures, and most especially at home. Based on the latest research, produce and horticultural areas in Australia have been reported to be destroyed and contaminated by pests birds.

Every year, pest birds cause millions of dollars worth of damage. How did researchers come up with this amount? For your information, birds’ wastes or droppings are highly acidic. It can irritate the roofs and other structural materials of your house. Aside from this, pest birds can contaminate your water and food and disperse airborne spores that you and your family may breathe in.

Thousands of bird species are present on the planet, yet a few are commonly regarded as pest birds. Here are some well-known pest birds.

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You may usually find Sparrow birds in North America. They build their nests indoors and in confined areas. Bear in mind that Sparrows are contentious when it comes to their nest. This means – they can be very violent when humans touch their nest or territory.


I bet you have already seen this type of bird in many parts of North America. Researchers believe that Pigeon is the number one pest bird in North America. Once they comfortably live in a specific area, this type of bird will overpopulate the place. They are accustomed to humans’ ways. Thus, food and water become very accessible to them.


Starlings are well-known throughout Australia. They significantly cause problems to the country’s livestock, infrastructures, and residential buildings. Starlings are frequently observed in trees or on home gutters. Contact a pest bird control professional if you see any on your property.     

To lessen your worries, keep reading this guide.

How to Get Rid of Pest Birds Without Harming Them

Knowing and learning about the species you are dealing with can help you anticipate any potential issues you might encounter during pest bird removal. Finding the best pest bird control strategy would be easy if you first identify the type or kind of pest bird you’re dealing with. These pests may not physically extensively hurt someone but keep in mind that they can destroy your property and can carry disease to your family members.

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Follow these tips on how to get rid of pest birds without harming them successfully.

Clean your house. 

Pest birds are highly attracted to places with food and water. You must regularly clean your house. Throw leftover foods into the trash bin and tightly close the lid. With a tidy home, pest birds won’t populate your place. You may also put your garbage bins in a high area since rodents, rats, stray cats, and dogs can easily open them.

 A home with a bird-proof gate.

It is also significant to build a bird-proof gate all around your house. To reduce potential areas for a bird nesting site, small openings in any architectural feature of the house should be wire meshed up or permanently sealed.

Take away pest bird’s nests or nesting areas.

To not allure pest birds, you must remove nests already built in your area. This would stop them from coming to your house. Thus, preventing them from infesting your home.

bird nests

Bird gel

This gel prevents a bird from roosting throughout your roof and other architectural areas that pest birds might infest. Pest birds dislike this translucent, sticky substance, thus, making them want to leave your place.

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Seek pest birds professionals or experts.

If you’re busy with work and you don’t have enough time to initiate these tips, you may also seek help from pest bird professionals. They will be the ones to help you get rid of them.

How To Prevent Pests From Coming Back

As I’ve mentioned above, birds can cause significant damage because of their nesting practices, foul droppings, gutter damage, and other factors. To prevent them from returning to your house, here’s an excellent pest prevention guide to help you.

Place modification

To prevent the pest birds from coming back to your house, you must eliminate architectural designs that would invite pest birds from coming over to your places, like water fountains and other architectural structures that can store rainwater. If you do not like to remove your water fountain, you may replace the freshwater with saltwater. 

Put a plastic bird’s predator outside your house.

This is also one of the easiest ways to ward off pest birds. You may purchase a fake owl and place them outside your house or in your garden. Keep in mind that owls are well-known predators of birds.

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The Best Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pests

All matters on Earth indeed have pros and cons. As you can see, birds are beautiful. Yet, fully aware of its disadvantages, you would doubt their physical beauty. Consider that this type of problem will be solved through long-term solutions, and if you need help, you may seek assistance from pest bird control experts.

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