All you Need to Know About the NSW Home Battery Scheme


Australia has one of the most developed energy systems in the world, and with coal-fired power stations no longer being built, it is only a matter of time before the existing fossil fuel burning power plants are shut down. One of the reasons for this is a decline in demand, as more and more Australian homeowners realise the many benefits that solar power brings, and if you live in NSW, there is some very good news.

Interest Free Loans for Solar Energy Systems

The NSW government sees the benefit of switching to solar power for your energy needs, and therefore offer concessions to homeowners who wish to install a solar power plant in their home. There are two main components of a solar energy system, namely the solar panels, which are fixed onto the roof and convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity, and the home battery. The battery is made with lithium iron phosphate, which is the safest type of home battery available today, and you are guaranteed a minimum of 10,000 recharging cycles, which means you can use the sun’s energy for many years to come.

Dealing with an Approved Supplier

The NSW government stipulates that the homeowner must use an approved manufacturer for the solar power system installation, and with Sonnen, you have the very best home battery in NSW, and an intelligent system that will draw power from the battery as you require it. Sonnen are the cutting edge of solar energy and have won many awards for their innovative approach to this technology, and they are the people to talk to about solar power systems.


Statistics show that for the period of the loan agreement, the householder can expect to enjoy an annual saving of around $300, and once the loan has been paid off, you will be saving around $2,000 per year, and maybe a lot more if you are a heavy user. Having the ability to be independent regarding your energy needs is a very big plus, and most homes require less than 20% of their annual energy needs from the national grid. Of course, the national power grid is always there, should you need to use it, but the eventual aim is to produce solar energy storage systems that provide 100% of your energy needs.

Apply Now

The best time to begin saving money is today, and a simple Google search will direct you to the leading supplier of the best solar energy systems, who would pay you a home visit and you can discuss the options, and they will help you apply for the grant, should you qualify. It is expected that at least 300,000 NSW homes will be using solar energy over the next ten years, and this will greatly reduce the need for traditional coal burning power stations, which will eventually retire.

Be a part of the latest energy innovation and install an intelligent solar energy system that will provide you with clean, renewable energy that doesn’t cost a thing!


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