What Connections Should Your ADU Builder in San Jose Have?

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The accessory dwelling setup has been really creating a buzz nowadays among people in San Jose, Los Gatos as well as Campbell. ADU can do a lot in your life and make it a lot easier. If you are looking for accessory dwelling services, then finding the best ADU builder in San Jose is crucial. A lot is at stake when you are in search of the best possible source of income, a place to retire, a guesthouse, a place for your extended family, and others; hence, choosing the wrong people can be troublesome for your project. And to help you out, here are tips on the connections your ADU builder should have or how to choose the right one.

Choose An ADU Builder Who Knows San Jose Extremely Well

When looking for the best ADU builder, they should know San Jose like the back of their palm. A reputed and trustworthy ADU builder would be professional throughout, will guide you in every step, will understand the permitting process through and through, and would also have professional, cordial relationships with different city offices and suppliers. ADU builders who have an expert team and experience will know how to build yours without hassle. Choosing the accessory dweller services guarantees the best project designers, contractors as well as project managers.

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Transparency Is A Must

An ADU builder in San Jose should know how to make the process as simple as possible, and that can only be done when they are transparent with you at every step. When planning to build an accessory dwelling place, whether for your children, helpers, family, or in-laws, the biggest factor that would worry anyone is the cost. How much will it really cost? The best ADU builders in the market with the right experience will create a blueprint for you and will give you an idea beforehand as to how much it can cost.

However, just having experience and maintaining transparency is not everything; they should also have the required license and insurance. One needs to be experienced, as well as competent, giving you peace of mind knowing that your passion project would be in good hands.

Choose Someone Who Will Be Your Advocate Throughout

You do not want any ADU builder in your team who does not know any state regulations or a contractor who does not know how to foolproof the design and ends up making changes every now and then, increasing your budget. A company that has the best designers, suppliers, contractors, and managers should be trusted. They should know how to complete everything within budget, having the client’s best interest in mind.

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They Should Have The Latest Planning Technology In Hand

With the whole world turning digital, your ADU builder should not be stuck handling hard copies and making calls to coordinate with designers and other team members. The best ADU builder would have the best planning technology making everything hassle-free. The homeowner should also have access to their project so that they can observe the design, check plans and contracts, see budgets, make payments as well as stay in contact with everyone who will be working on their project.


You should always ask questions and clear any doubts you might have with your ADU builder before finalizing the project. Hence, these are some of the connections or factors that should be present in your ADU builder in San Jose.

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