A Guide to Mixing Modern & Antique Furniture

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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There was a time when combining new and antique furniture was simply not done, yet like most trends, interior designers have changed the way they view the concept of interior furnishing, and many homeowners are proudly displaying a combination of modern and antique pieces.

The most popular way to bring the new and old together is by adding a few select antique items to a modern or contemporary base, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you achieve the right balance between the two.

 Mixing Modern & Antique Furniture

Stick with the 80/20 Rule 

Simply put, the 80/20 rule is keeping the antique items in the 20 range, and if the placements are well thought out, this template will leave the room looking balanced. Some classic antique items that can be used are, mirrors, clocks, or framed maps, and with an online search, you can easily locate an antique dealer in Sydney who would have an impressive collection of fine antique accessories that would grace any interior.

Remember Contrast 

Contrast is the key to blending the old with the new, and it isn’t only the old and new that you contrast; colours and textures can also be blended together. Glossy surfaces with a hint of matte, and small splashes of bright colour give the room some depth and character.

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 Mixing Modern & Antique Furniture

Forge an Alliance with an Online Antique Dealer 

Your choice of antique pieces should be very selective, and by using your imagination, you can picture how a specific item like a military chest would look in your study. Once you know what you are looking for, the online antique dealer can source the perfect piece, which is preferable to trawling the flea markets.

Identify the Ambience you Are Seeking 

If you have a sense of imagination, you can carefully choose the antique items to complement the main setting, rather than creating a confusing look. There are computer software packages that allow you to create a 3D image by adding individual items, and this can help build the layout from scratch, as it enables you to see how one item would look when in place.

Identify the Ambience you Are Seeking 

Matching Timbers

 An antique desk can be blended with a modern chair, especially if the timbers are similar in colour and grain, and with some contrasting upholstery with various textures, a balanced look can be achieved. 

Trust your Own Judgement

 At the end of the day, this is your living space, and if you feel pleased with the look, then that is all that really matters. Everyone has a different opinion, and if you like the current layout, then resist the temptation to make any major changes.

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Lighting is a critical element of good interior design, and a couple of antique wall lights or a single floor lamp can really add a touch of elegance to a contemporary setting. They key to a successful room layout is patience, so don’t expect to achieve the desired look overnight, and if you are looking for a specific antique item, don’t settle for anything else, and the online antique dealer can usually source exactly what you’re looking for.

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